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Motorcyclist overcomes terrible injuries to help others

Catherine Holland, from Dorridge, has launched her own injury specialists after overcoming a horrific accident

Dorridge motorcyclist Catherine Holland is back on her bike after suffering a terrible crash
Dorridge motorcyclist Catherine Holland is back on her bike after suffering a terrible crash

A BRAVE motorcyclist has overcome a horrific crash to launch her own company helping others recover after injuries.

Catherine Holland, from Dorridge, had only been riding her bike for three weeks in 2000 when a car smashed into her as she drove down Lode Lane, crushing her leg.

The mum-of-three lost four pints of blood and said it was “touch and go” whether she survived.

“If I’d have become unconscious, I wouldn’t have come back,” she said. “I’d lost too much blood to reboot.

“I had the choice; whether I died and felt no more pain or came back and saw my children grow up.

“But I knew I would have to come back to the pain which was horrendous.”

The motorcyclist was rushed to hospital where the surgeon worked tirelessly to save her leg which was “hanging off.”

“The surgeon said ‘I will save your leg if I can, if I can’t I will have to cut it off below the knee’.

“I said ‘you can’t do that!’ and burst into tears.

“They were really worried the bone wouldn’t grow properly and would die, and they would have to amputate.”

Miraculously, the leg began to heal and Catherine was allowed home after five weeks with her daughter Anna caring for her 24/7 for the next five months.

But it was a year before she was able to walk without crutches and “a long time” before she could walk flat footed without any shoes.

The life-changing accident has left its scars, and Catherine no longer wears the short dresses and skirts she used to love, but she has refused to let the incident ruin her life.

“Strangely, it’s made me much less afraid of death.

“I wasn’t discouraged from riding a motorbike at all. I just wanted to get back on and take my test.

“I plan on riding my 1,000cc Honda motorbike for a long time indeed.

“I can’t let some drunken fool stop me from living my life.”

The car driver was believed to have been arrested and taken to court where he received a temporary ban.

To aid her recovery, Catherine visited a local injury specialist offering hands-on treatments and massage and on finding out she was to be made redundant from her job as a graphic designer, she used her indomitable spirit and the healing she had learnt to qualify as a specialist in old injuries and has been treating people ever since.

Catherine is offering remedial massage, mobilisation and more at The Well natural health centre, in Kings Heath, as well as clinics in Oxford and Harley Street, London.

For more information, call 07017 415310 or visit



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