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Double standards

readers will have received the endless succession of leaflets from the LibDems.

readers will have received the endless succession of leaflets from the LibDems.

These extol the virtues of Lorely Burt and are continuously denigrating about her (Conservative) opponent. We all expect a degree of exaggeration and distortion but the latest ‘Solihull Mail’ imitation newspaper takes the biscuit.

1. It pretends to be a local newspaper but I wonder how many readers realise this was Lorely’s publicity machine at work?

2. Lorely is portrayed as the defender of green and open spaces in the borough. She fails to mention her refusal to support the 1,000 plus objectors to the redevelopment of the rugby ground on Sharmans Cross Road.

Maggie Throup supported us throughout, as did our local Conservative councillors. It all sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

3. Great play is made about Maggie Throup standing in Colne at the last election. She certainly could not have stood in Solihull – John Taylor was the sitting MP.

Perhaps it’s relevant to ask what Lorely was doing before she came to Solihull?As a Dudley councillor in 2003 she was voting twice at a budget meeting and getting reported to the National Standards Board for doing so. She resigned to become a parliamentary candidate. Is our Lorely as pure as she likes to be portrayed?

No one would argue that Lorely does not work hard but is it just possible that she is not all that her publicity machine pretends?

Pat Montague, Sharmans Cross Rd, Solihull


Say no to hatred

We call upon local trade union members to take part in the coming local election on May 6, 2010 and to vote positively to defeat the BNP.

In 2006 a BNP councillor was elected in Chelmsley Wood ward. He is now standing down but the BNP will be standing another candidate in this and other wards in Solihull. The BNP have only had success when the majority of voters stay at home.

The BNP promotes division between people and communities. BNP councillors have been ineffective and unable to represent the interests of local people. What the election of BNP councillors does bring in their wake is a climate of hate and fear.

Trade union members across the private and public sector in Solihull face continued threats to their jobs and livelihoods. The recession has already led to a permanent loss of manufacturing jobs in Solihull. Many public sector workers are faced with a wage freeze.

The BNP has nothing to say and no answer to these real issues facing working class people. The BNP offers division at time when workers need to be united to face these challenges.

The more people that vote in elections the less likely the BNP are to get elected. A defeat of the BNP candidate in Chelmsley Wood on May 6 will be an important set back for the politics of hate in Solihull.

Caroline Brookes, Secretary, Solihull NUT

Keith Rathbone, Branch Secretary, UCU Solihull College Branch

Jolyon Jones, Branch Secretary UNISON Solihull Local Government Branch

Dave Osborne, UNITE National Officer for the Motor Industry

Juanita Ward, Branch Secretary, Solihull NASUWT

Angela White, Branch Secretary UNISON Solihull Care Trust Branch


A local stalwart

I WAS disgusted to open the latest Liberal Democrat election communication and see how their candidate has manipulated the truth about the Conservative candidate Maggie Throup.

I want to put the record straight:

Fact: Maggie has lived in Solihull for 23 years.

Fact: She could not stand in 2005 as John Taylor was the candidate.

Fact: Marie Curie – Maggie has always supported Marie Curie’s plan.

Fact: Has successfully fought against a motorway service station to protect the greenbelt – an eight year battle.

Fact: Fought against second runway at Birmingham Airport.

Fact: Campaigned to save services at Solihull Hospital.

Fact: Campaigned with residents to successfully stop garden grabbing across Solihull – Streetsbrook Road as just one example!

All this before she is even elected!

Do we really want an MP who can stoop to such levels to try and get herself re-elected?

David Price via e-mail


On their way

IN a letter entitled Bin Puzzle (Solihull News) Mike Rogers asks if it is possible to find out why SMBC apparently did not advise residents of the actual dates for garden waste collections.

I would like to assure Mr Rogers that whilst brief my reply is above all honest. I am very sorry that some residents have not had a calendar. Unfortunately a problem with the distribution company delivering the calendars has meant that some residents have not yet received theirs. The company concerned is working to put this right and is delivering the extra calendars at no cost to the council.

Cllr Kate Wild

Cabinet Member for Community Services


Land Rover gaffe

AS A Solihull resident and former car worker I learnt that the leader of Conservative Party has dumped his ministerial Vauxhall for a large 4x4 to transport his family and election entourage.

To support our industry a Solihull-built Land Rover would have fitted the bill. But no, Cameron has chosen a Japanese Lexus 4x4 and he even had the gaul to visit Solihull in it.

What chance do we have in maintaining our long-suffering industries when even our possible Prime Minister shuns British companies? It would be incomprehensible that Angela Merkel shuns German makes and uses a Jaguar instead . Certainly loses my vote.

M J Green

Balsall Common


Face to face

I must have received nearly half a tree with all the leaflets and letters that have been delivered concerning the forthcoming elections.

Whilst I appreciate the candidates for the General Election have a wide area to cover, surely the local candidates could save money (and the environment) by good old-fashioned knocking on doors and speaking to the people from whom they want their vote.

All the leaflets are banging on about is Solihull Maternity Hospital and local schools. Whilst I appreciate people are concerned about these issues, as an OAP I have different issues that I would have appreciated speaking to candidates on face to face.

Mrs K. Phillips via e-mail



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