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Dozy drivers

P JEVONS is spot on about the taxis in Grove Road.

P JEVONS is spot on about the taxis in Grove Road. For people visiting doctors or hospital patients it’s wrong that spaces are taken up by taxis, but it isn’t only Grove Road that suffers this nuisance.

You see them parked up all around Solihull, most of them are asleep in the car.

What kind of image must visitors have of Solihull when they see this all over the borough? If they are so tired surely they should not be driving.

Councillor Leela Widger works tirelessly to stop parking on our side roads and what happens? The roads become taxi ranks, the taxis never get a ticket and the road is congested again. I complained to the council about this and was told they can park legally where they wish. I was also told that more taxis are needed as there are not enough to go round at busy times - the mind boggles.

If we need more why are they parked snoozing all over the place? I suspect a hidden agenda here - something to do with money, maybe the licence fees, to swell the council coffers.

I read that some of these cars were checked over and taken off the road as they were dangerous - tired drivers in unroadworthy cars not policed by Solihull Council and encouraged to carry on.

Lastly from the amount of letters to this paper and complaints to the council about this it’s obvious that people are not happy with the situation so why won’t our council do something?

LA Norman, Hermitage Road, Solihull.



Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
Annette Belcher
Multimedia Journalist
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