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Driver spots a mystery in sky

Yardley Wood has become the latest area in the region to have a so called ‘extra-terrestrial’ visit.

Yardley Wood has become the latest area in the region to have a so called ‘extra-terrestrial’ visit.

Local woman Yvette Flood reported the UFO sighting on a popular UFO website, claiming that she had seen a ‘saucer like shape’ flying through the air on an early morning drive.

Mrs. Flood said: “I was driving home from Hall Green, the sun was shining and the sky was completely clear and blue. I looked up to see this shape, like a lower half of a saucer gleaming in the sun.”

“This was not a plane or anything else like that. I looked away for a second as I was driving and in that second it vanished, no clouds, just a clear view. An aircraft could not have done that.”

The viewing was said to have taken place in early March but had gone unnoticed until now, after several other reports of sightings came to light in the Birmingham area. Other witnesses have claimed to have spotted UFOs flying over Wordsley, Oxley, Cradley Heath, Aldridge and Coleshill over the past two months.

This news comes after there were also reports and a video of a UFO being chased down by fighter jets over a West Midlands service station on the M5, which the MoD refused to comment upon.

Common mistakes for most UFO sightings go down to weather balloons along with Chinese lanterns being let off into the sky, which appear to be flying high into the sky, when they are actually a lot closer than they appear tricking many people into believing that it may actually be alien life.



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