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Emotional day

For a number of years I have thought about running the ‘Race for Life’.

For a number of years I have thought about running the ‘Race for Life’.

In 2010 I applied too late - I lost my father in 1988 to cancer and have never done anything in the fight against this awful disease.

This year a number of us from Paragon Group of Companies entered and started training early. We aimed to run the 5km and felt it was the least we could do. With so many people suffering with cancer and having to undergo treatment what would a few aching muscles be in comparison.

On arriving at the park on Sunday I was overwhelmed at the vast turn out of all of those taking part along with loads of supporters. I did not realise how emotional the event was.

Some ladies had photographs on their back of those they had lost, others had names of loved ones. The atmosphere was amazing and I felt proud to be doing my bit.

What I did find surprising was that only one in three actually send their sponsorship money in. I completely understand how uncomfortable it is to approach people and ask for sponsorship, however once you have done the race ask your sponsors.

The hard part was asking them prior to the race.

Thank you to Solihull Council for organizing this event it ran like clockwork and Mell Square was in party mood. Thank you to the stewards too - they were encouraging everybody.

The support from local people was fantastic, it was greatly appreciated.

A big big thank you too to the gentleman who had a water gun. It was a welcome shower in the heat of the day.

Most of all I would like to thank all of the people who sponsored me. Family and friends have been extremely generous, also work colleagues at Paragon. My biggest thank you however is from T5 Zone 8 at Land Rover where my husband Colin is employed. Most of the sponsorship has come from them which is especially fantastic as some of them do not know me, also a big thank you to Simon who works there who recently lost his mother to cancer.

I am hoping to take part next year and my goal will be to raise more than the £195 the figure I raised on my first attempt.

Caroline Smith via e-mail


Well done Harry

SO, so sad and appalled to read about the dog tied up and attacked by a gang of youths in Chelmsley Wood. (Solihull News). Thank goodness for people like Mr Harwood who prevented the dog from being attacked further and most probably saved its life.

People who attack animals are evil through and through, and obviously too stupid to realise they are just pathetic cowards who are too scared to pick on someone their own size - so they choose a defenceless animal instead.

From all of us animal lovers thank you so much to Harry Harwood and I hope we can all follow his example and help out any distressed animal in the future. I also hope the dog will go on to be placed in a loving caring home that he so deserves.

Kate Jeffries, via e-mail


Great service

WE have seen a great deal of criticism about various council services. However, my recent dealings with those who work at Solihull Connect make me wish to thank them publicly for their kindness and efficiency.

I needed to apply for a Blue Badge for my husband whose health was causing me great concern. Everyone I spoke to, the receptionist, the ladies on the desks and the medical adviser were extremely caring and helpful.

Again, our grateful thanks to you all.

E Jones via e-mail



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