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Entries flood in for the Great British Summer poetry competition

ENTRIES continue to flood in for the Great British Summer poetry competition, in association with Touchwood.

ENTRIES continue to flood in for the Great British Summer poetry competition, in association with Touchwood.

The competition is split into two categories - under and over 16 - and has proved a masive hit with wannabe poets.

Here's some the most recent entries:

Summers Flight

The pale blue sky basks in the morning light, the trees wave goodbye to the night.

Another summers day begins, the Butterfly flutters on the wing

The dawn chorus has passed by, the sounds echo throughout the day to make it right

Now I can observe with the burst of sunlight, the antics and endeavours of natures flight

My bold friend the Robin with wide eye he looks at me, with magnificence I can see

His red breasted coat invites me in, to see his colourfull beauty deep within

He responds to my stare with a curtsey and a bow, now he knows I,m his friend

He thanks me for his winter feed, a sphere of meal worm fat and seed

For this he entertains through the day, popping in and skipping about

The bright blue sky bares down on me, it beckons me to stand and stare

To peer into the translucent space, where dancing swifts flutter and race

No direction too great, no maneuver too much, he flutters about with energetic pace

Chasing  the illusive fly a meal he takes with swift silent effortless grace

I meander along the silent stream, the clouds above my head carry my dream

The birds fly over the trees, their wings beating with effortless ease

I walk with clover under my feet, I walk beside the golden wheat

Chasing natures honey like the bee, I like to be outside and feel free

I know I,m a wanderer theres lots like me, there seems no end to this summer spree.

by David Robert Jordan, aged 66.

Megan's Summer Poem

I run with an ice cream in my hand.
I paddled in the sea while the waves hit me.
I sat on the sand and gazed at the beautiful land.
I looked at the sun which had just begun.
I watched the children playing,
“We’re making sandcastles they were saying!”
It was almost the end of the day,
“Bye, bye!” I have to say!

By Megan Sampson, aged six.

Shauna's Summer Poem is Here

Summer is here it’s time to play

The rainy days have gone away!

The sun reflecting down like a ball of fire

As if it was an electrocuted wire!

I watched the seagulls swoop by so fast

Not knowing how long the day would last

Waves rolling onto a mile of gold

As we watch the magic unfold!

The day is drawing close to an end

Another day is around the bend!

Beautiful colours fill the sky

“We have to go now, bye!” I sigh.   

by Shauna Sampson, aged nine.


All entries must be received by September 5 and the winners will be announced shortly after.

To enter, email your poem to with poetry competition marked in the subject header.

Poems cam also be posted to Touchwood Poetry Competition, McCann Erickson PR, Communications House, Highlands Road, Shirley, West Midlands, B90 4WE.

They should be clearly labelled with your name, age, address, contact telephone number and email address.

Further information from the website  or call 0121 709 6900.




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