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Failing figures

FIGURES for the population of Britain are a little sketchy and I was never very good with percentages, but I can work out that Britain is in a mess, you know as Christians we are always being asked why stuff happens.

FIGURES for the population of Britain are a little sketchy and I was never very good with percentages, but I can work out that Britain is in a mess, you know as Christians we are always being asked why stuff happens.

At the start of the Bible, [Genesis 6 v 3] God says that my spirit shall not always strive with man, so we were warned thousands of years ago.

Well if we put the population of England about 60 million, four per cent that’s 1.6 million, Muslims worship in the mosques every day. Eight per cent, Roman Catholics worship in their churches, that’s 4.2 million. There are 750,000 Sikhs and so on.

That leaves 53 million so-called Christians of which 1.6 per cent worship in a church and this figure is even lower because these so called Christians only worship God on Sunday.

This is what the Bible calls, the falling way, [2 Thessalonians verse three.]

P Thomas

Baxters Rd, Shirley


Phone home

I WOULD like to say a big thanks to the gentleman who found my phone outside the 10 o’clock shop on Sunday and returned it to me .. it is so nice to see people being so honest! Thank you !

Nicky Meigh via e-mail


A stitch up

SO the city of culture was just one big stitch up, that had more to do with Bloody Sunday than it did with being a city of culture. So how much has this bid cost the Birmingham ratepayer, or jobs in Sheffield and Norwich, it’s time we had a full public inquiry into these fixed bidding fiascos, that are nothing to with facilities or talent, but more to do with politics.

ST Vaughan

Glastonbury Road

Yardley Wood


Right path

I would reply to John Byron’s letter entitled ‘pothole duty’.

I drive a car and pay my road tax, when I decide to ride my bike should I get a rebate for not using the roads.

Perhaps you would like all pavements scrapped. Although you play golf, so you obviously enjoy a long walk.

Regarding the ‘bus lanes’ I imagine they are to speed up bus travel, to try and encourage people onto public transport.

Could I advise you that Solihull can now boast an excellent cycle racing track, where young and old can train under supervision. Both local and national events are staged at the track. Please contact Solihull Cycling Club for more information.

Oh! and by the way it’s next to the municipal golf course.

K J Bates via e-mail


It pays off

IN response to Mr Byron (Letters). I too drive a car and play a bit of golf. As my wife and I cannot afford to run two cars anymore I now cycle to work. I am by no means alone, there are many bicycles parked in my company warehouse.

There are also thousands of children who cycle and walk to school, not to mention all the leisure cyclists and walkers at the weekends. Investment in cycling and walking facilities across the region is very low.

The paltry few cycle lanes and facilities there are happen to be well used. Potholes are caused by winter conditions combined with heavy traffic. They have nothing to do with cyclists or spending on road crossings.

Mr Clements via e-mail


Brighter future

The Conservatives fought the General Election on a manifesto that contained the pledge on the growth in academy schools and the chance for interested parties to set up their own free schools.

The Conservative Lib Dem coalition government is proceeding with that commitment. Here in Solihull that position is not supported by the new Lib Dem – Labour coalition. No wonder people are confused!

Outstanding schools in the borough now have the opportunity to apply for academy status but with greater requirements to provide for pupils of all abilities, ensure fair admission and work with their local authorities. It will be a decision for teachers, governors, parents and the pupils, whether they wish to go down this particular route.

It is called democracy - real democracy in action.

Critics have argued that free schools are unfair to children in schools still under local authority control; because councils would lose money that would otherwise have gone to council schools. That is simply untrue.

Free schools will be funded directly from government with the same money per pupil as other local schools receive, with some money the local authority normally receives for support services. The council will no longer have to provide these, so its net loss should be zero.

We ask the new administration in Solihull not to waste the educational legacy they have inherited from the Conservatives. Let teachers, governors, parents and the pupils themselves drive up educational standards, irrespective of where they live and how much money they have.

Coun Joe Tildesley

Shadow Cabinet Member for Education, Children and Young People.



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