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Fairtrade joy

Fairtrade joy

I AM pleased that Solihull has been awarded ‘Fairtrade’ status. I must say congratulations to all of the residents, community groups and organisations which have worked hard to achieve this award for the borough.

Solihull has now been put on the map with over 200 venues serving or selling Fairtrade products such as tea, coffee, sugar, wine and cotton. Let us hope this number continues to rise and keeps Solihull as a borough at the top of providing an outlet for ‘Fairtrade’ products.

Neill Watts

Solihull & Meriden Residents Association


That’ll be a £1

RECENTLY, we went abroad on holiday and returned yesterday. On reaching baggage collection we were shocked to see that Birmingham Airport has now started charging travellers for trolleys. This is complete daylight robbery.

Having travelled to many different countries and places, this is the only airport which charges for a 15 minute drop off (£1) and now a non-refundable charge on trolleys as well.

Since we were two of us, we were able to pull our wheelie bags but I feel sorry for the poor travellers with children who are forced to pay for the trolley. Even supermarkets operate a refundable coin operated trolley, so what reason does Birmingham airport have?

GP, address supplied


Faith restored

I WOULD like to say a huge thank you to the very kind gentleman, who on Friday, September 10, at around 6pm, kindly stopped to help me on Shirley High Street when I had run out of petrol.

You kindly gave me the few litres of petrol from the boot of your car for which I am extremely grateful. I feel terrible that I don’t even know your name or have a proper way to say thank you and that I rushed away due to the impatient drivers behind me. You certainly restored my faith in human kindness.

M Lavin via e-mail


Keep it local

I THINK Michele Pym fails to understand that this paper deals with matters which affect us locally and not nationally (Letters).

If we want to read about what is happening in the world we read national papers. The reason people are constantly fighting by petition or demonstration is that the council and councillors are not listening to the people and taking into account what they want and are paying for.

World disasters come and go, as they always have done, and I suggest that Ms Pym donates to these disasters if she cares so much about them, as we all donate to our own specific charities.

Linda Brown

Devitts Close, Shirley


But a national

I’M surprised by the narrow minded view of what is newsworthy and the laissez-faire attitude to local affairs as expressed by Michele Pym (Solihull News, Sept 3). The ‘real’ news that the reader describes is national/international news which is not what I would expect to read in a local newspaper.

For national news and comment I suggest Michele buys the Mirror and leaves the Solihull News content alone.

Simon, Shirley


Parrot calling

WE have had a regular visit we think from a parrot. He or she is grey in colour with green in its features.

He screeches a lot, so sounds very different to other bird wildlife. He’s been here daily. We are based in the Moordown Ave area, and have reported it to the RSPCA.

The bird seems in good health, and has been seen with a pigeon friend in tow. My husband has called up to it, and the bird looks down and listens like that sort of bird would.

We hope an owner can come forward in Solihull, and coax him down. He’s usually here throughout the day in the front or back garden. He will probably recognise his owner. Please call the RSPCA as they have now got him logged on their system for 30 days.

S Fountain via e-mail


All change

I USE Traveline on the internet for my info and that said 71A not going via Mackdown but it does. 71 timetables only came out Friday, how are we meant to find out times if information on the internet is wrong and timetables not out?

The only good thing about 71 change is you can get it to the Meadway and change for a 97, 97A to Heartlands on a Sunday or evenings, just get a N Bus ticket of the driver for £3.70 and this will cover you on the Diamond and the 97 / 97A.

Just one small point, AM PM on the 71 us still going along The Radleys, I’m

Confused Roger


Speed debate

IN response to numerous letters on speed cameras and speed humps I would like to offer some personal observations.

If it could be proven that each speed calming measure only saved one life each, how does that compare to inconvenience or discomfort?

When you have a child who has to cross a main route into and out of Solihull the use of speed cameras near bus stops on the school bus route seems like a good idea, but those very same speed cameras now cause drivers who wish to be “reckless” to use other routes which are generally more likely to be where children are walking around.

Clearly from the correspondence so far there is a very distinct split of opinion on the subject and I look forward to further debate on this issue. Just for the record I have been knocked down by a speeding motorist many years ago, but it was my own fault.

Richard Robinson via e-mail



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