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Faith Matters with Ann Polson, Solihull Methodist Church

ANY discussion about God leads to strong opinions, heated argument, - even war!

ANY discussion about God leads to strong opinions, heated argument, - even war! The merits of religion, God or the Bible are guaranteed to be controversial and contentious.

We know about God in theory but this is not the same as knowing Him in a deep and personal relationship. Our amazing Father God loves us and wants a relationship with us. Yet we turn away, do things our own way, shut Him out of our lives, no time, and no interest!

Despite our determination to avoid Him there is a simple invitation given to us in the Bible: -

‘Be still and know that I am God’ Psalm 146:10. An invitation to put down the clamour inside us, desist from noisy argument, and be willing to rest in silent submission before God, meet with Him personally and receive His peace and love.

As with any invitation we can choose to accept. We can decide to be still and let go of our personal agendas and discover somewhere in the silence how wonderful Father God demonstrates the depth of His amazing love.

Stillness and silence may simply be a haven of relaxation and quiet in a busy day –but you may also be surprised and overwhelmed by the deep love the Lord God wants to offer to you. Anguish and worry could be replaced with a deep sense of peace and a surety that He cares about you?

We can of course choose to deny God, blame Him and ‘Do it my way!’ but the invitation remains. The Book of Joel in the Old Testament says “Return to the Lord Your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love” Joel 2:13. This goes on to say ‘who knows He may turn and have pity and leave behind a blessing!’

We can’t guarantee that God will bless us but we will never know unless we ask!

Ann Polson

Solihull Methodist Church



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