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WHEN I hear news items about the national deficit, or Government borrowing, I get confused!

WHEN I hear news items about the national deficit, or Government borrowing, I get confused!

If we borrow each year, and that at interest, is it realistic to think we can ever pay it back?

The matter reminds me of the first part of a two-part parable which Jesus tells.

It is about a King who called in the debt of one of his servants.

It was a massive debt. The servant simply could not pay.

The King demanded that he, his wife, children and possessions be sold.

In other words, because of the debt, their very souls were forfeit. The servant took the only option open to him. He pleaded for mercy. And he received it; the debt was cancelled in full.

This part of the parable serves to illustrate how God has the right to call each of us to account and how we will be found to be debtors.

Debtors because we have failed to give God, our maker and provider, the degree of thanks and due acknowledgement he is worthy of.

Debtors because we have all done wrong things which, if justice is to mean anything, have to be paid for.

We may, like the Treasury, carry on incurring debt in the half-belief, half-hope it will come right in the end. However, the strong message of the Christian gospel is that, like the servant in the parable, we will be proved bankrupt when the books are opened.

If this is true, won’t God just let us off? Isn’t that the point of the parable?

No, the point is the servant understood his plight and sought the King’s mercy.

Now, when God chooses to speak to a man or woman about their debt to him, they can either keep the door shut, as though the bailiffs were trying to get in, or, hear him through Jesus, extending a gracious invitation to get the matter sorted now and for ever.

Jesus himself undertakes to cover our debts and will commit himself to lead us in a new life, where the burden of debt is lifted away.

The invitation is marked RSVP.

Stephen Richards

Shirley Baptist Church



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