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Faith Matters in the Solihull News

THE TURKISH authorities censored their live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest.

THE TURKISH authorities censored their live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest. They refused to transmit the Finnish entry, which showed two female singers kissing mouth-to-mouth. Forty eight hours later, British MPs were pushing forward with their Marriage (same-sex couples) Bill.

Two standpoints that are very different. From a worldwide perspective David Cameron and his supporters hold a minority position in respect of ‘same sex marriage’.

However, just because it is a minority position, does not mean it must for that reason be wrong.

Nevertheless, as a Christian I believe that the Bill is wrong.

It takes the meaning of a word, in this case ‘marriage’ and attempts to redefine it.

The definition of marriage goes back to the time of God’s declared intention at the point of creation, where it clearly meant an intimate exclusive union between one man and one woman.

As a reader of the Bible I cannot help thinking of how two other words from the creation account, good and evil, came up for re-definition at a time when the people of Israel were turning away from the God of creation.

Their leaders began to compromise their God-given responsibilities. No doubt these Old Testament leaders were subject to various pressures and temptations just as our leaders are today: the desire to please influential groups, concern to maintain their positions of leadership, personal agendas and lack of trust in the word of God, to name but a few.

Their compromise led to a downhill spiral. Black became dark grey and white became off-white, until the awful situation was reached where good was being defined as evil and evil, good.

So how can we in the 21st-century, know how we are supposed to be living? I am not just thinking of sexual relationships here. I believe that God gives us the answer by drawing us to the one true leader – Jesus.

He is the very essence of God’s own word, free of compromise, deceit and falsehood.

However, he will only reveal truth to our hearts after we have already determined to submit to it. That’s called the way of faith.

Stephen Richards

Shirley Baptist Church



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