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Faith Matters in the Solihull News

Just how close is God? Could God really be closer than we think?

Just how close is God? Could God really be closer than we think? The reason I ask is because God, at least in our human understanding, has moved some considerable distance since ancient times.

In those days he (but sometimes a she) might have been as far away as the Moon, or even further, Venus or the Sun. But God has moved a lot closer since those primitive times. From being inanimate, God became a voice which guided Abraham, then God became a holy presence who spoke to Moses. God moved with the Jews to Jerusalem and became located in the Temple.

Then God moved out of Jerusalem, going into captivity with the Jews to Babylon. Suddenly God was the God of the whole earth – but still very much the ‘man up there’.

In Jesus God becomes a person, comes down to earth and lives amongst us. Our killing of Jesus shows us what we are like and what God is willing to do for us. Then Jesus is gone, his followers are alone and frightened, hiding behind locked doors.

But this coming Sunday Christians remember something profoundly significant. We remember God returned, now within us, a Holy Spirit presence, existing within our bodies, invading our thoughts, loving us with special gifts and opening our minds to new thoughts of a God quite literally ‘closer than we think’.

Now we are no longer mere flesh and blood but a meeting place between the God who existed before the big bang and ourselves, a body that has become a temple for a God now in residence between our ears.

From within us God longs to free our minds, refresh our thinking, and guide us as he seeks to participate with us in his ongoing working of creation. Why not open yourself to this life changing encounter?

Mike Crockett

Solihull Methodist Church



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