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US families pay £800 a month for healthcare

I NOTICE the local Tories are holding a rally in support of the Maternity Unit, at Solihull Hospital.

I NOTICE the local Tories are holding a rally in support of the Maternity Unit, at Solihull Hospital.

I wonder if they will be inviting Tory Euro Member of Parliament, Daniel Hannan, who has robust views on the NHS, to speak at this event?

Recently he travelled to the USA in support of opposition to President Obama’s plan to extend healthcare – to the 47 million Americans who have no healthcare cover.

He said the NHS was a “60-year-old mistake,” adding that he would not wish it on anyone.

Just as David Cameron was announcing that these were ‘eccentric’ views, another Tory MEP came out with similar views, and now, it seems, several Tory MPs share the view that the NHS should be dismantled, and replaced by a private insurance scheme.

The NHS is a big organization, and not without shortcomings, however, the vast majority of people in this country are served well by it – as the number of ‘thank you’ letters received by hospitals will confirm.

Wealthy Americans get good healthcare, poor Americans get little, or none.

In the UK, everyone is entitled to access to our NHS regardless of income.

We pay for our service through our taxes, an American family pays about £800 per month for their healthcare insurance. 70% of American bankruptcies are caused by their medical bills.

I know which type of service I prefer, and I wish President Obama well in trying to secure better healthcare for the poorest Americans, and hope he will resist his opponents, just as the Labour Government did 61 years ago in the face of loud Tory opposition to the NHS.

In the meantime, I hope our local Tory politicians will distance themselves from these extreme views in their party, otherwise many will believe all this ‘huffing and puffing’ about Solihull Hospital is just a smokescreen for their real intentions!

David was born in Solihull, is a former Labour MP and Minister, who now lives in Olton



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