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Father who assaults female friend in front of children avoids jail

A FATHER, from Chelmsley Wood, who repeatedly ‘kicked and stamped’ a female friend, has been ordered to undergo anger management.

A FATHER, from Chelmsley Wood, who repeatedly kicked and stamped a female friend, has been ordered to undergo anger management.

Keith Purcell, of Alder Drive, was convicted at Solihull Magistrates of assaulting Michala Cassidy in front of two young children.

Malcolm Stoddard, prosecuting, said Miss Cassidy had visited Purcell in his flat, on May 23, accompanied by her friend and friends grandson.

The group had begun drinking but at around 10.30pm, when the 40-year-old believed his son was being kept awake by the visitors, he lost his temper.

He attacked Miss Cassidy, kicking and stamping on her repeatedly, Mr Stoddard said.

The complainant described lying on the floor as he stamped on her face. The children were screaming.

Its common assault at the high end - there were children present, he had been drinking.

He was using his foot which is akin to using a weapon.

Ian Windridge, defending, said there was a court order against Miss Cassidy, a recovering alcoholic, not to enter the defendants block of flats, be drunk or use abusive language.

Mr Purcell and his son are already in his flat when she knocked on his window, he added.

He asked them to leave on a number of occasions. At around 10.30pm, he created a scene.

The nature of the offence reflects poor emotional control and anger management.

Clearly he did wrong, the evening did not go as it should have.

Purcell received a 16-week custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months, and a 12-month supervision order.

He was also ordered to attend a 60-day anger management course and pay £400 compensation and £100 costs.



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