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Fears grow on fence danger to youngsters

AN AGEING stretch of fence could be putting youngsters at risk, a Marston Green woman has warned.

AN AGEING stretch of fence could be putting youngsters at risk, a Marston Green woman has warned.

Geraldine Gardner, of Canterbury Drive, said that the fence - which divides her cul-de-sac from a steep slope has fallen into disrepair.

Residents have contacted Solihull Council and transport authorities about getting it patched up, but no-one seems willing to claim responsibility.

“The main worry is the children. I know they shouldn’t really be out playing by the road, but this is a quiet street and there is a real danger. Some people have even told me that they’ve managed to get to the other side. We’ve been trying to find out for a while who is responsible for the fence, but we haven’t got anywhere.”

Behind the fence there is a slope which leads down to the railway tracks. Although there is a second fence at the bottom, which would prevent anyone getting onto the line, Geraldine fears that a fall alone could have tragic consequences.

When the Solihull News visited Canterbury Drive last week, we found that parts of the top fence were leaning over and panels had started to break off.

Linda Poulson, from Bickenhill Parish Council, said that it had been difficult to establish exactly who owned the land. She estimated that repairs could run into the thousands.

A Solihull Council spokesman said: “We sympathise with Mrs Gardner, however, according to our records, the council does not own the fence in question.

“We are further investigating exactly who does own it and therefore who is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.”

Rail authorities have also drawn a blank - leaving residents unsure about when repairs will take place.



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Multimedia Journalist
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