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Festive trash

I wonder what policy the council is going to take over Christmas with regard to the new black bins?

I wonder what policy the council is going to take over Christmas with regard to the new black bins? Currently, if the bins are left even an inch open, the refuse collectors stick a note on it informing you that you are not recycling enough.

Whilst I support recycling, it is challenging when retailers insist on supplying goods with so much packaging. Recently I bought some toys from Toys R Us. I then sat in the car and unpacked everything so I could take the packaging back to the shop. I have say they gracefully accepted it.

But what about presents we receive? Is the council going to let residents put out extra bags for collection over Christmas to compensate for the amount of non-recyclable packaging that will accompany Christmas presents?

Mrs M Fox, Monkspath, Solihull


Size matters

We are a family of four and we’ve just received our new wheelie bin to put our waste in.

When reading the leaflet that came with it, it mentions that this replaces the black bags that we get from the council. Does this mean we just put our waste straight into the bin?

Will they provide cleaning equipment for our new wheelie bin? As we recycle (and try not to use plastic supermarket bags) we don’t have anything to put our waste in, before going into the wheelie bin!

Now we have a small wheelie bin, and you won’t collect waste outside it do I have to go to Bickenhill once a week to get rid of my household waste?

The items that I can’t put in my black\green box such as Tetra packs, greeting cards, aerosol cans, wallpaper, wrapping paper, food tubs, yoghurt pots, food trays still need to go somewhere.

Additionally, as we’ll be expecting our third child on the 19th April 2010 I’d like to request an additional wheelie bin now in advance.

Tom & Zoe Yates, Chelmar Close, B36


Paying for it

Congratulations to all those people who are unable to fill their wheelie bins because they are so adept at recycling (Letters). It is a shame that some people see this as an opportunity to criticise others or see it as an opportunity for one upmanship.

From my perspective, I do not think it is a crime to request a larger bin as long as you can provide evidence that you are recycling. Each families needs are different, and after all, we are paying for a rubbish removal service.

Alison Fellows via e-mail


The thin end

As a successful retailer in Dor

ridge for over 17 years I read with dismay letters in support of the new Sainsbury supermarket in the village and I seriously have to wonder whether the supporters have fully thought out the consequences of the development.

When the present Forest Court was redeveloped the Fire Brigade restricted the site to 1,200 people per hour - hence the silly sized flower beds - and while we all expressed a certain glee at the prospect of such hoards of customers it was never going to be.

Now, however, we are going to have a 26,000 sq ft supermarket put into a village with a car park that has to serve all of the amenities in the centre including the doctor’s surgery etc.

Once built how long will it be before Sainsburys admit that the present planned car park is totally inadequate and they need to expand it? Where will they build such a monstrosity?

Now is the time to halt Sainsburys. By all means demolish Forest Court and build a new store but only in keeping with the size of the village - and that is what it is - a village.

The roads are totally inadequate and once built it will be too late to raise a hand and state that it was a wrong decision.

Mike Dovey via e-mail


Back the plan

I would like to add my support for the Sainsbury’s store in Dorridge. It will replace the jaded and run down Forest Court shopping parade with a welcome modern development that can become the heart of Dorridge.

You only have to look at how busy Tesco’s is across the road to see the requirement for a larger supermarket outlet.

Opponents predict traffic gridlock and hordes of ‘out of town’ shoppers. There may be additional traffic but the benefits far outweigh any negatives.

B Child, Woodchester Road



It’s needed

RE PLANNING application Sainsbury’s Supermarket Ltd.

We give our full support to this application. It can only enhance Dorridge to have a vibrant centre again. The present precinct is a disaster and is rapidly becoming derelict. If this application is refused I shudder to think what will happen to Dorridge.

Dr & Mrs J P Tavener




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