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Figures down

In reply to Mr Caffery’s letter of April 1 about my column highlighting the 29 per cent drop in teenage pregnancies in Solihull in the last 10 years I would like to point out that this figure refers to conception rates and not birth rates.

In reply to Mr Caffery’s letter of April 1 about my column highlighting the 29 per cent drop in teenage pregnancies in Solihull in the last 10 years I would like to point out that this figure refers to conception rates and not birth rates.

It is not the case that pregnancy rates have dropped just because abortion rates have increased.

The statistics came from the Office of National Statistics and the Department for Education and were sent to me by Brook Birmingham.

The Rt. Hon. Caroline Spelman MP


Let’s have it

REFERENCES to ‘The Kiss of Death’ over Parkgate (Letters) you can ‘quote’ Small Heath and Chelmsley Wood. I can come back with Great Bridge, Tipton and Bromsgrove.

Asda are there but both places are doing well it.Let’s have Parkgate as soon as possible before the lights go out in Shirley.

K Bent, Shirley resident


Shirley crawl

IN the great Parkgate debate has anyone given voice to the already traffic congested Stratford Road? Merely tinkering with the timing at the traffic lights is not the answer.

As a frequent traveller along the stretch from Cranmore to Hall Green I have tired of the ‘caterpillar crawl’ and now take a long and petrol expensive detour to Robin Hood Island, by passing Shirley altogether.

I would suggest that if other drivers become tired, frustrated and stressed the project will become Shirley Retreat rather than Shirley Advance.

Carol Birkin, Blackford Road, Shirley


Welcome them

I felt very sad and annoyed when reading Nina Wright’s negative letter about a new local business on Stratford Road (Letters).

Having moved from London where local grocers/stores are welcomed as promoting better community relations it shocked me that she would compare this establishment with a multi-corporation supermarket and then ask we “keep them out”!

I disagree completely and find that most people welcome new developments from locals who live in the area as they are creating local jobs for the community during these hard economic times and provide fairer competition in the area allowing us the shoppers to benefit.

Jasmin, Solihull


Save this ward

I WOULD very much like to echo the comments of Mr Fletcher and Diana Stanton regarding the closure of the urology unit. I have also been in ward 14 (and previously 15) under the care of Mr Phillips and his team plus nurses etc and it was outstanding.

To lose such a valuable asset at Solihull Hospital would be a great loss indeed, I hope we don’t.

John Brook, Pear Tree Crescent, Solihull Lodge


Just say no

LIKE many others when the Alternate Vote idea was floated, I gave it modest support; thinking that maybe it could be a fairer system.

Upon studying the complicated details of how it would work, I promptly concluded this Lib Dem inspired proposal is certainly not fairer. Our only kingmaker would then be Nick Clegg and his mates.

Thus I hope the electorate will clearly deliver a big no vote to AV.

Don Bargery

Alston Road, Solihull


Pause for votes

With postal votes being issued so early could we urge a cautionary pause before these are completed and posted back this year.

Over the next week or so the pros and cons of AV will be much better aired and decisions can be made on an informed basis. We urge everyone to use their vote and postal votes need to be mailed back in good time to arrive by Thursday, May 5 but if necessary they can be handed in at any polling station right up to the close of Polling on the day.

Trevor Eames, Vice Chairman - Solihull & Meriden Residents Association


In the bank

I AM sure most residents will be pleased to hear that the Regenerating North Solihull project is being put back on track, but I think there may have been some raised eyebrows at the cost involved.

Solihull Council is planning to borrow nearly £30 million to pay for the new village centres and new or remodelled primary schools there. This is an awful lot of money for the smallest West Midlands metropolitan authority to have to raise. What will the interest charges amount to?

Solihull MBC has a substantial sum of money held in reserve - at the last count it was around £40 million. Why can’t the council use at least some of these?

Peter Kennedy, Hampton-in-Arden


Lame brain

How I agree with H Scharf’s letter about road humps (Solihull News). In my experience road humps do not slow speeding motorists.

The pot holes slow motorists more, the money would be better spent filling these in and God help patients in emergency ambulances.

Whose lame brain idea was it to introduce a red route in a service road where there was only ever a need for a clearway sign, which has been in existence for years which means “no stopping”, also the hopper car parks at Hobs Moat are incorrectly marked as they bring entry and leaving traffic in conflict with each other, where is the turn right only sign as you leave the car park.

Janet Mabbott, Solihull


Too high a price

Mr Don Eckley writes (Solihull News, April 8) on behalf of the Dorridge Surgery Patients’ Participation Group.

His letter shows a wrong and biased view of Drovs’ attitude to the improvement of the surgery in Sainsbury’s latest proposals for the redevelopment of Forest Court.

We are sure that everybody in Dorridge (including Drovs) would agree that an enhanced surgery would be of benefit to the community. Mr Eckley accuses us of being negative but in our suggested alternative plan the surgery would be redeveloped in exactly the same way as in the Sainsbury’s scheme.

It is true that the surgery did not receive special mention in our recent leaflet, but we had to concentrate on the excessive size of the proposed supermarket.

Everyone wants to see the best solution for Dorridge, but the building of an overlarge supermarket is too high a price to pay for the refurbishment of the surgery.

Ian Shearman, acting chair, Drovs


Think of elderly

IT seems to me that all those who oppose the planned Sainsbury’s in Dorridge are able to continue shopping in larger stores in Solihull and Shirley. What about the elderly who no longer drive or the disabled?

Aren’t they entitled to have a good local store? Sainsbury’s have listened to residents suggestions and should be allowed to proceed with their second plan.

B Cotes, Clyde Road, Dorridge


Size matters

IN response to your online poll regarding Sainsbury’s in Dorridge, I would guess that most residents would vote in favour of the store.

However the ongoing debate - and the one that Drovs is campaigning on - centres around the size of the superstore they want to shoehorn into the site.

A store this size would require a good deal more than food in order to fill it, indeed the similar sized store in Solihull town centre now sells clothes, books, CDs, homewares, medical supplies, cards, computer and electrical goods.

Surely what Dorridge needs is a good foodstore selling a range of good quality food, not all the other goods that will put the card shop, the off licence, the chemist and no doubt the butchers out of business.

Drovs supporter


More parking

FOLLOWING on from my remarks on the Sainsbury Development, parking in Dorridge will be at a premium. Sainsbury’s consider 170 spaces are sufficient to accommodate the many shoppers plus train commuters, hotel patrons, surgeries, other shops and businesses and staff attached to these establishments.

They are under the impression residents will leave their cars at home when doing their weekly shop – surely they are joking.

We then come to the large, and I do mean large, delivery vehicles which, because of their size, will have to travel several times a day along Knowle High Street and Station Road, both highly unsuitable for this type of traffic, creating considerable pollution and congestion. I trust Knowle Society are taking an active interest in protecting Knowle, its quality of life and ensuring it’s still a great place to live.

M Johnson, Knowle



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