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Fine service

Fine service

REGARDING the maternity services of Solihull Hospital, I work there, and visit the maternity and labour wards once a day, so I can see what goes on.

I’ll make a general opinion here. The services are run very admirably, and given the resources at their disposal, the staff are doing a great job. It would be a real shame if the whole maternity block was closed, if nothing else than to see such fine service disappear.

But I must question whether those who lobby against the removal of some of these services know the whole story. A lot of political manoeuvring has taken place, including protests and petitions. Is this really helping the mothers-to-be, or the politicians who might get more support/votes?

The cost to maintain these services must be a lot if the government has proposed to transfer, and it obviously isn’t proving to be cost-effective in their eyes.

Fair enough, I say, but I can’t help but feel that this issue has been blown out of proportion. No situation is black and white, especially not this one.

Stuart Mills



A rum deal

SOLIHULL planning committee has handed the developer a multi-million pound profit by approving application 2009/1802 at Wharf Lane.

Taylor Wimpy were allowed to increase the number of apartments from 92 to 113 increasing their revenue and greatly simplifying the parking arrangements, greatly reducing there development costs.

The approval, followed legal advice being given to the committee, in private. The council did vote unanimously to make public advice received after approving the application.

The approval sets a precedent in Solihull giving approval for developments of up to 120 residencies per hectare and that the provision of 1.2 parking spaces per apartment is adequate. The document quoted by the planning officers also sets the minimum number of residencies to be built per hectare. It is to be hoped that the committee is minded to consider all future applications in the same light.

Robert Hargreaves

Anchor Lane




I MUST tell you about Dorridge Music School’s 25th anniversary concert. This is the third year I have been to, courtesy of a friend whose child takes part, and this year it was even better than before.

Congratulations to Leigh Perry, who works so hard and was prominent on stage all evening with an excellent show on a par with a variety performance.

The quality shines through with every act. How hard each and every person worked and enjoyed taking part – it showed immensely. Many thanks, Dorridge Music School.

Mrs J Peach, Acocks Green


Bin puzzle

IS it possible to find out why Solihull Council did not advise residents of the date their green wheelie bins were to be emptied?

Notices in the Solihull News and the Solihull website said that residents would be informed by leaflet beforehand if their bins were to emptied for the first time in 2010 on either April 5 or 12.

We received no such information in Castle Bromwich hence most people didn’t put the bins out for emptying. Needless to say the recycling truck came along the road this morning and only stopped a couple of times where someone had second guessed the council and got it right. An honest explanation would be appreciated, if we can get one.

Mike Rogers

Castle Bromwich


Cost shock

MY friend and I took two children to see Nanny McPhee at the cinema in Solihull. It was a birthday treat for one of the children.

Unfortunately we took refreshments, ‘not allowed’ we were told, so it was taken from us for safe keeping and returned after the film was over.

If no food and drink was allowed at all then it would have been understandable. But the member of staff said we could purchase refreshments in the foyer, so we bought two drinks and a large carton of popcorn, cost was over £10! which was extortionate. I suggest to anyone going there don’t declare what you have.

S Rushton

Dudley Park Road,

Acocks Green



REGARDING Forest Court in Dorridge; If Sainsburys decide to cut their losses what, I wonder, will be the fate of a derelict Forest Court Shopping Centre?

We are soon to lose the splendid and long established chemists - they can no longer afford to stay - and no independent trader in his or her right mind would seek to move in.

Come on Alex Erskine, ‘Concerned Dorridge resident’ DROVS, et al, what bright ideas do you have?

Rob Brooke

Berrows Homes, Knowle



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