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Fish thief

WITH reference to your piece on the polecat seen in Union Road, Shirley.

WITH reference to your piece on the polecat seen in Union Road, Shirley. My husband saw this animal two years ago at the top of our garden in Grenville Road, it was asleep and when it woke up it shot off.

We have suspected it was still around as every now and then the birds etc at the back of the fence would go mad and then very quiet. This year we have had all of our fish taken out of our pond even though it was covered up and a pigeon was eaten on our lawn - all within a fortnight of each incident.

A Fitzhenry, via e-mail


Spring visitor

I TOO live in Union Road and have seen this polecat. I think it was early spring and I was in our front room when something caught my eye outside. It just came wandering onto our front drive, had a sniff round the plants and then decided to amble off up the road. I have to say we were all a bit surprised to see it and just assumed it was somebody’s pet that had escaped!

Mrs Abi Kay, Union Road resident


Farcical swim

I FEEL I must write you regarding the treatment off customers at Tudor Grange baths. I have been going for 20 years - but since the new centre opened there have been problems non-stop. I arrive every Sunday morning at 7.30am to find the doors locked and some staff outside also trying to get in - no fun when it’s raining, cold and strong winds blowing. Why can’t they let customers wait in the foyer area?

When you do get into the changing area you are undressing in the dark because the lights have not been switched on. So at 8.05am when I am ready for a swim I’ve got to wait a further for the lifeguards to get changed because they were left hanging about outside. It’s all a bit of farce.

David Gilmour, via e-mail


Orchid offer

A MONTH ago someone lost a lap-top in Shirley Park. The finder took it to the police who returned it to the owner. As a thank you gift this person brought an orchid to Shirley Methodist Church, but no one has claimed it. If the finder of the lap-top calls in to the reception desk at Shirley Methodist Church when our coffee shop is open, from 10am-2.30pm, except Saturdays until 2pm, we would be glad to give them their present.

Church stewards at Shirley Methodist Church


Rubbish system

I support recycling, and we were doing it long before Solihull Council (finally) got its act together. But who exactly did they consult before introducing the draconian limit on our household rubbish?

We’re a family of four trying to fit nappies etc into this small container, while our neighbour has this same space for just one person. And what if your trash doesn’t fit in the wheelie bin? Tough - take it to Bickenhill. Err, council, it’s not exactly environmentally friendly to make a 12-mile round trip in your car!

Perhaps the pill would be sweeter if the collectors could at least return bins to the right place, and not the middle of your driveway.

D Burton, Danford Lane


What a mess

Solihull Council’s promise to provide us with another wheelie bin and a plastic bag has been fulfilled. But has anyone taken a close look at the contorted list of things that we can and can’t recycle? Has anyone considered that many people won’t bother with the list of exclusions?

This may be why on any afternoon now in our normally tidy streets there are heaps of discarded corrugated cardboard and yoghurt pots.

Our normally excellent refuse collectors have taken it upon themselves to do a bit of kerbside sorting and left the unwanted items behind on the pavement.

Recycling is highly virtuous, but the practicalities are far from perfect and in my humble opinion probably generate more waste and CO2 emissions than burning everything.

David Badger, Solihull



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