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Flats and houses

After returning from holiday I have read your article re; Dorridge Village.

After returning from holiday I have read your article re; Dorridge Village. I am happy that the plans from Sainsburys were turned down as the development was too big, but I also think if Sainsburys had put forward a plan for a smaller development I believe the council would of granted them permission.

I think the site would be better with a housing development like the Evesons site on Station Road where the development is of houses and flats and with parking and is in keeping with the area.

The area of Dorridge needs to be left as a quiet, respectable area as most of the residents are in the prime of their lives and they have worked hard to have the privilege to live in this beautiful, peaceful village.

Kevin Bradley via e-mail


Save the monkey

I HAVE sent this letter to the Gordon Scott show shop: I note that your store at Solihull High Street is being refurbished, and I look forward to being a customer for another 20+ years.

I have lived in Solihull for all of my life and throughout this time, my parents, myself and my daughter have loved to see the animated Monkey in the window.

Generations of children will tell you that he is an icon of the town.

Recognising that progress is inevitable, I understand from your staff that Monkey will not be part of the re-furbishment, and in view of his tatty state I understand this. However, I am very concerned to learn what is to become of this stuffed toy? The staff cannot answer my question.

I strongly believe that as such a part of the history of Solihull’s High Street Monkey should go to a toy museum somewhere.

Please, please reassure me that he is to be put somewhere, and not just lost, or worse, binned?

Mrs H J Singleton via e-mail



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