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Flower power

DESPITE the ‘doom and gloom’ brigade, I remain a strong supporter of the nationally successful Solihull in Bloom project.

DESPITE the ‘doom and gloom’ brigade, I remain a strong supporter of the nationally successful Solihull in Bloom project. The year-round floral displays in the High Street and Mell Square etc are a cheerful pleasure to the eye and by Jove we do all need cheering up at the moment.

Although a few binge drinkers and drug addicts sometimes vandalise our flower boxes, they are quickly refilled with lovely flowers. Cash-pressed Solihull Council deserves much praise for this.

Don Bargery, local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator


Up in smoke

ON Saturday, October 17 it didn’t sound as though there was a recession as we were subjected to constant explosions (called fireworks) from 6pm until almost 11pm.

Bad enough (evening ruined), but then some ‘bright spark’ let off two more after midnight. What good are government rules and regulations when no one takes any notice of them?

When you see the price of these dangerous, noisy, smelly, smoky things, it’s no wonder the people who sell them can give away £1,000 to go ‘up in smoke’ (Solihull News, Oct 23).

I am sure that most people (especially the unemployed and those struggling to make ends meet) could put the money to better use.

Mrs Greaves, Hall Green



I WONDER if any of your readers has seen our missing rabbit. The black and white lop eared rabbit went missing from Lyndon Road in Olton and my son is heartbroken. We’ve tried everything to get him back but can’t find him. We are offering a reward for his safe return.

Mrs Claire Pemble, Lyndon Road, Olton


Gem search

I AM researching the history of Exquisite jewellery produced by WAP Watson Ltd. The company started in the Jewellery Quarter and then moved to Solihull in the 1950s. If anyone worked at the company or has any written information etc, I would be very grateful if they could e-mail or call phone 0874197475.

Sue Weaver, Lode Lane, Solihull


On the ropes

THE recent news that Midlands van maker LDV has been sold to a Chinese ‘take away’ company has once again brought a potentially bleak future into focus. Most of our industrial family silver has been sold off, our island is overcrowded, and our society seems to have lost some moral fibre and honour.

How on earth can this have happened to the country which led the Industrial Revolution and stood up against Hitler? “Bad management my friend” I can hear history saying.

Other European countries like France and Germany are beginning to recover from the recession, while we seem to be just printing money in the hope of not falling even further behind.

In spite of all this, I still believe passionately in Britain.

Growing and nurturing our industry must not become a thing of the past if we want to survive in the future.

Richard Wise, Olton Road, Shirley


Cruel theft

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to the person who stole my friend’s purse on Tuesday, October 20.

We travel to Shirley by bus every Tuesday, arriving just after 11.30am. We get off the bus at the Saracens Head and go the newsagent close by. My friend used her purse in the shop. We came out, crossed the road and went to the Card Factory shop.

The purse must have been stolen around then, as at 12noon £200, and then £100 was taken out of my friend’s account at Lloyds Bank. In addition the purse had over £60 in it.

I only hope whoever stole the purse and used the cards enjoyed spending the money because believe me, I haven’t enjoyed seeing my friend as she is now, a broken and frightened lady.

Name and address supplied


Solid silver

WELCOME back Silverline. Once more our Sunday service S3 bus will be on time. No more standing, waiting in hail, rain or shine, for a bus that was never on time and sometimes never even turned up.

Betty Bennett and the recycled teenagers, Dorridge


Great care

RECENTLY, after suffering a stroke, I spent a week in Solihull Hospital and would like to thank all the staff on Ward 20B CDU for all their care and especially to thank the doctors, nurses, domestic staff, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and chaplaincy team on Ward 8 for all the specialised care they gave me whilst I was there.

M Evans, Castle Lane, Olton



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