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Flower thieves

I have again visited the Robin Hood Cemetery where I tend to two memorials in memory of my late father, husband, and in the last 12 months my late mother too.

I have again visited the Robin Hood Cemetery where I tend to two memorials in memory of my late father, husband, and in the last 12 months my late mother too.

These sit side by side, and over the 15 years since I first lost my father have been tended to on a regular basis. We only place artificial flowers and replace them periodically when they require “freshening up”.

My children and I also place fresh floral tributes when an anniversary occurs.

It seems because we keep such a wonderful show of colour to mark respect and memory of our close family, perpetrators seem to enjoy taking away these floral tributes.

I have reported these incidents to the cemetery in person and by letter, of which I have had reply, the last letter I sent 22 July 09 when all brass containers were taken as well as the flowers.

I do feel it is a sad society we live in when people have no conscience when stealing from family memorials. I cant feel what purpose several bunches of artificial flowers can do for them, but act as great joy and comfort to us. When real flower posies are taken I wonder if the recipient knows where they have been brought from!!

Gill Williams, via e-mail


No problem

IN response to the letters regarding the new wheelie bins being too small - I find it difficult to believe that people are struggling to fit everything in! I am a busy working mum with a family totalling five, and I find it very difficult to ever put more than a couple of bags of rubbish in my bin each week, which certainly doesn’t fill it.

The most bulky items in our household were historically plastic milk containers, tins and cereal boxes which can all now be recycled.

Maybe it’s time people looked a little harder at what they buy, how it is packaged, and the amount of things they throw away unnecessarily.

Mrs Topham-Steele, Knowle


Tipped away

Like many residents I spend time sorting my refuse into the assorted categories and put out up to five boxes, containers and bags – as requested by our glorious green Council. So it was with considerable annoyance that on Tuesday, November 17 at 10:28am I witnessed the refuse contractor in Widney Lane emptying the contents of the plastic bottle bag into a residents wheelie bin.

If this is what is happening why should we bother to sort rubbish?

Not only are the collectors throwing these assorted containers all over the place and selecting that which they will and will not take but now this whole recycling operation is shown as a scam, for which we pay the cost.

Ken Reeves

Tibberton Close, Solihull


Back Sainsburys

WHAT A pity you chose to use such a negative headline in reporting the Sainsburys development in Dorridge, especially as, later in the piece, you report that the majority of the retailers recognise the longer term benefits of a thriving Dorridge.

Without a major development Dorridge will die as there is insufficient activity to support even the existing shops. Forest Court is effectively dead, and without a shot in the arm from a major retailer, in this case Sainsburys, the area is doomed to a lingering death.

Alan and Doris Pratt via e-mail


Stop Sainsburys

I have grave concerns about the future of Dorridge village, should Solihull planners allow the Sainsburys scheme to go ahead.

Not only will Sainsburys totally dominate the village centre but what independent businesses will risk opening up beside them? Lack of competition will turn Dorridge’s semi-rural community into an urbanised supermarket development.

As far as planning legislation is concerned, the anticipated immense increase in traffic and noise must surely call this scheme into question. This is an ill conceived scheme and if you value your community I urge you to register your objection to this development.

A McWilliam




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