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Flying lanterns

THE strange lights that your resident of Hillfield saw (Letters) were almost certainly what were observed in the Hall Green area on Sunday, February 28.

THE strange lights that your resident of Hillfield saw (Letters) were almost certainly what were observed in the Hall Green area on Sunday, February 28.

The illumination was certainly a naked flame, probably attached to a candle or tea-light, thereby providing the lift for the paper of the chinese - lantern style envelope, and therein probably lies the reason as the Chinese celebration of their New Year continues for at least a fortnight.

Close Observer of the Third Kind

Graham Kennell

Arkley Road,

Hall Green


White noise

P THOMAS (Letters) implies that we don’t need to panic about the damage we cause to the environment because, according to the Biblical promises, everything will turn out well in the end. Hopefully, few readers will indulge this complacent woolly thinking; perhaps, as an alternative, we could think about trying to limit the harm we cause.

P Thomas further insults the intelligence of every Solihull News reader by preaching his belief in Creationism, a philosophy so loopy that most major churches have repudiated it.

According to Mr Thomas, we can do without biology, since all we need is Jesus, “the light of the world”. Like many non-religious people, I am struck instead by the constant stream of “white noise” streaming from the lips of Creationists who treat empirical evidence with airy indifference and science as a triviality.

Matthew Shute



Guardian angels

A VERY big thank you to two very special people who helped me when I fell in Station Road, Solihull on Tuesday, February 16. They put my faith back into the human race. They became my guardian angels.

Esta Benson , Solihull


Hospital spin doc

WELL done to Lorely Burt MP and to your reporter David Irwin for revealing just how honest the “consultation” over Solihull’s maternity services is actually going to be.

How many extra members of staff could our hospital employ with the £40,000 this “communications expert” (translation: “spin-doctor”) is being paid to brainwash us all into agreeing with the downgrading?

G Lloyd



Good luck Stevie

AS a martial arts instructor for over 20 years as well as an England International, former British, European and World Champion, I would like to draw your attention to an article in the Solihull News concerning a young kickboxer 17 year old Stevie Pitt.

Just because a student reaches the grade of a blackbelt doesn’t mean they are qualified to teach. Most associations including my own vet all potential instructors as well as attending a year long instructors course to gain their qualification.

As part of this course all instructors under take both written and practical examinations. When they are qualified to teach they must be registered as an instructor through a governing body, insured as an instructor, hold professional indemnity and public liability insurance, be CRB police checked, hold a current first aid certificate and be a minimum of 18 years of age.

I would like to wish Stevie every success in her martial arts career but as an instructor would like her to ensure that she not only safeguards herself, the school she is hiring from but also the public who are training with her.

Steve Merricks via e-mail


Store is just too big

I WOULD have thought it against local and central government policy to allow a mixed use site to be turned over to purely retail, particularly if the retailer in question is a giant of the supermarket world that will monopolise the entire village centre of Dorridge.

Until Sainsbury’s gave its tenants notice to vacate in readiness for flattening the centre of Dorridge, Forest Court housed 20 independent retail units and a floor of affordable housing in the form of flats over the precinct. The offices and housing will not be replaced and the choice afforded by independent retailers will be lost from the village.

Sainsbury’s, however, plan to erect their 26,500sq foot warehouse, taking the entire site and car park on the misguided basis that Dorridge is a town and needs a town centre sized store.

In order to maximise store size, all established trees will be removed from the site, with Sainsbury’s now confirming that there is insufficient room for replanting in Forest Road between the store and the road. This would seem ironic for a road named after the Forest of Arden!

Concerned Dorridge Resident



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Multimedia Journalist
Annette Belcher
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