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RE- Faith Matters by Tim Drakeford, October 16.

RE- Faith Matters by Tim Drakeford, October 16.

Mr Tim Drakeford, I don’t think anyone would take notice of what a third rate general said about us 300 years ago. Considering the way our engineering companies have been taken to other parts of the world, and our agriculture has been let down by greedy farmers, I just can’t see how you can stereotype us with Napoleon. This part of your article is really strange Mr Drakeford. The amount of people being employed by the retail trade is going down. Take a look at the High Street shops, they are being out-priced by the supermarkets and supermarkets are introducing automatic checkouts, thus they don’t need as many checkout staff.

What’s left of our once flourishing agricultural industry? A few factory farmed cows and some force-fed chickens. Our financial world is in crisis because of lies and deceit. God’s bounty didn’t give us the credit crunch. Perhaps you don’t know the one about the rich man, the camel and the eye of a needle.

Perhaps Mr Drakeford should leave Napoleon in the past. God’s grace is always with us, from Matthew to Revelation.

Thank God for his grace poured out to us, for his mercy, for always having enough food, for living in a country that is reasonably safe. Thank him for the cross and let tomorrow look after itself.

P Thomas,
Baxters Road, Shirley.



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