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Fresh stranger danger alerts after bus incident

Two schoolgirls were subjected to sexually suggestive comments by a man outside Lode Heath School

Yew Tree Primary
Yew Tree Primary

Schools have issued new stranger danger alerts in Solihull after a young child was ‘inappropriately’ approached by a woman on a bus – as the girl’s mother sat nearby.

Two schoolgirls were also subjected to sexually suggestive comments by a man outside Lode Heath School the previous week.

Borough schools including Yew Tree Primary School, in Wherrets Well Lane, and Sharmans Cross Junior School, in Sharmans Cross Road, had alerted parents via text message or email to the incidents.

It was claimed the schoolgirl was questioned on the bus by a woman described as blonde, slim and aged in her mid to late thirties.

Her mother said the female acted strangely and told her daughter that she ‘loved little girls’ and stroked her hand.

The mum, her daughter and younger child left the bus at the next stop.

The incident occurred at around 6.25pm on the 957 bus route from Solihull last Friday.

It came just a week after two schoolgirls from Lode Heath School, in Lode Lane, were approached by a stranger who made sexual comments to them.

No further details have been made available.

The fresh safety alerts follow a series of incidents this year including one where a seven-year-old girl was asked to get into a strange man’s car on Widney Manor Road on March 10.

There were also reports of another attempted abduction of a ten-year-old girl in Slater Road, Dorridge, on January 24.

A Solihull Council spokesperson said: “We have an effective system in place to share information with schools and parents when incidents occur.

“Children have been reminded about stranger danger and those who have been involved in these incidents have all had the good sense to walk away and report their concerns.”



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