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From Widney to Germany!

DAS ist gut!

DAS ist gut!

A balloon released from a borough primary school has made its way 830km away to a small village in Germany.

The balloon which was let go at Widney Junior School last Friday (December 4), was one of 400 set free by local schools to mark ‘National Numbers Day.’

A mathematical problem was attached to each balloon, and seven-year-old Timo Schrader, from Sprakensehl, a village in Gifhorn, Germany, found the deflated balloon and tag, on his driveway, on December 5.

He returned the tag with the answer of 27 to the question, “I am thinking of a number, double it, and add 40. The answer is 94. What was the number I was thinking of?

Alan Mclaren, Year 5 teacher at Widney Junior School, said: “It came about as a result of the maths advisory team in Solihull wanting to promote maths in the community. Schools were provided with seven or eight balloons, and had to provide a maths question or puzzle.

I never dreamed it would end up in Germany. We’ve shown the children in assembly today where it is on the map, and they were thrilled. They also enjoyed coming up with the puzzles and problems.”

Anyone who finds a tag and question is invited to return their answers to Chapel Fields Training Centre, Richmond Road, Solihull, or email by December 16 2009.



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