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Garden grabbing

Little wonder that Lorely Burt is confused about the position of local Liberal Democrats on ‘Garden Grabbing’ given their current disarray.

Little wonder that Lorely Burt is confused about the position of local Liberal Democrats on ‘Garden Grabbing’ given their current disarray.

It’s a pity she did not read the article that she quoted in her column (Solihull News). Had she done so she would have realised it was not her comments that were referred to but those of a Liberal Democrat councillor at a recent meeting of Solihull’s Planning Committee. This councillor spoke in favour of a controversial planning application.

Our MP went on to state the committee subsequently rejected the application. Again wrong as they went on to approve it.

We know that Lorely Burt supported the successful campaign by Caroline Spelman MP to have domestic gardens reclassified so that they no longer count as previously developed land, however for her to claim it was all down to her and the Secretary of State refers to it as her law is wrong. It was Caroline Spelman’s Bill that was the basis for the S of S’s announcement, and he has made that clear.

Councillor Stuart Davis

Chairman, Solihull Conservative Association.


Rose tinted

Well said Messrs Nurcombe and Howe (Letters); I too was appalled by Ann Polson’s rose-tinted, uncritical observations on the natural world we live in, but the problem runs deeper. In the issue that contained their letters we had Dr Ghannam MD. peddling his own pernicious brand of hellfire and damnation in the same ‘cosy corner’ of the paper.

Who are these self-appointed philosophers who get to air their views on life and death regularly on page 2? Is the ‘News’ carrying a slot similar to the BBC’s widely discredited ‘Thought For The Day’, that is barred to anybody who is a non-believer? Why has no-one of a non-theistic tradition such as Buddhist, Humanist or, heaven forbid, an ‘aggressive secularist’, ever been invited to contribute to this slot? I think we deserve to be told!

John Edwards, Welford Road, Shirley


A failed party

It seems I’ve rattled a few people with regard to my assertion that an updated referendum on EU membership would probably produce the same result as 35 years ago. Perhaps one or other of them could answer a couple of questions for me. On the basis that UKIP was set up with the prime purpose of taking us out of Europe, and they put up candidates in most constituencies, and if the majority of the country want us to withdraw from the EU, why have they never made any inroads into parliament?

In fact, it seems to me on studying the results, that quite a lot of them lose their deposits.

Secondly, what inroads are the UKIP MEPs (including Nikki Sinclair who now represents Samra) making in getting us out of Europe - or isn’t that what they are there for?

Steve Hall, via e-mail


Sign of the times

i am writing about the amount of road signs/street furniture on the red route Stratford Road.

For instance from the Robin Hood roundabout to the Marshall Lake roundabout on one side alone, there are 89 red route signs.

At one bus stop there is one each side and two on it. Also there are too many one way entry signage to tell the way in, when it’s quite obvious there is no other way in anyway.

Bill Mills, Prospect Lane, Solihull


Time for a review

I would like to clarify our concern over the funding crisis for the North Solihull Schools Programme (Solihull News).

The regeneration programme is to replace 10 primary schools at £7 million each with the council funding £22 million of the total.

While Solihull Council have paid over their full contribution the North Solihull Partnership cannot fund their contribution and the Bishop Wilson C of E which is only school four in the programme has a £4.6million shortfall which the council are looking to borrow under the Prudential Borrowing arrangements.

They are also looking to use council borrowing powers to fund the remaining six schools to continue what is now an unsustainable building programme.

The decision to replace 10 new primary schools was made in an entirely different climate to that now faced and the partnership arrangements have collapsed which is why we believe it sensible to review the whole situation until the position is clarified.

Trevor Eames

Secretary - Solihull Ratepayers Association


No loyalty

I would be interested to learn what the electors of Shirley West Ward think of their elected Council representatives.

In three successive elections they returned a Liberal Democrat. It was not long before Councillor Howard Allen became an independent Liberal and we now have a situation where Coun Bryn Tudor has become an independent and Coun Simon Slater has deserted the Liberal Democrats to join Labour only four months after being elected!

It would appear that for these three former Liberal Democrats loyalty to those electors who voted for them is a thing of the past.

Coun Alan Martin via e-mail


Thanks for Lions

WE senior citizens would like to thank all the members of Knowle & Dorridge Lions Club for all the hard work they put in organising a Saturday afternoon tea party with entertainment at the Knowle Royal British Legion Club. We all enjoyed ourselves.

Derrick Hope, Baddesley Clinton


Pooch appeal

Solihull Charity DogwatchUK, are bowled over by the generosity of Solihull residents that attended our coffee morning at Kimberley Road last Saturday. We made £249 and also homed three dogs. We want to thank supporters for baking cakes and Katrina Wright for kindly hosting the event.

Our next fund raiser is our Hallowe’en Dance at Marston Green on Saturday, October 30, and tickets are £5 adults and £3 for children. For more details of the dance or to offer a dog a home ring us on 684 0682.

Volunteer DogwatchUK via e-mail



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