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Gerard's a YouTube antics sensation

GROWING internet sensation Gerard Groves is hoping to become a YouTube star.

GROWING internet sensation Gerard Groves is hoping to become a YouTube star.

The Arden Academy student has been making videos since he was ten-years-old and his YouTube channel now has 580 subscribers with over 13,000 views of his comedy sketches and challenges.

“It started as just a bit of fun, just a hobby really,” said Gerard.

“But the audience has gradually grown and I’ve had people watching and commenting from all over the world.”

Gerard, from Knowle, currently has 12 films on YouTube including interviews, live music recordings and sketches such as ‘The Tape’ which sees him talking to another version of himself.

“I’m most proud of The Tape, it combines lots of things; comedy, camera trickery, ad-libbing,” he said. “I’m on my own quite a bit when I make the videos so it gave me someone to react with. If I’m entertaining people, that makes me happy.”

After recently reaching 500 subscribers, the 15-year-old asked his followers to suggest challenges for him to undertake. As a result he has been drinking vinegar, holding ice cubes with salt and stuffing his face with marshmallows, and posting videos of the stunts.

“My audience just like to see me doing crazy things. The worst was probably the salt and ice challenge, it really hurt.”

His mum Geraldine admitted she had been concerned when her son began posting films. “I was a bit worried at first, you hear all these horror stories but luckily he’s very sensible about that.He’s been obsessed with making films since he was about ten. But I’ve seen them and they’re really funny, I’m very proud of him.”

The GCSE student is hoping to make a career out of YouTube, following in the footsteps of other stars such as Charlie McDonnell, which he believes is the future for entertainment.

“It’s all going online, I can see YouTube becoming a substitute for TV eventually.”

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