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Get behind it

It’s time for a reality check in Dorridge!

It’s time for a reality check in Dorridge!

Sainsbury’s final plans for the re-development of Forest Court, the refurbishment of Station Approach and the enhancement of the doctor’s surgery together offer a real opportunity for the revitalisation of the area.

The objections raised by DROVS (Dorridge Residents Opposed to Village Superstore) and others really do not hold up.

* They say that they have surveyed Dorridge residents, but we live less than 200 yards from Forest Court, and the only consultation we have had has come from Sainsbury’s.

* They say there will be much increased traffic, but surely this will become self-regulating and shoppers who cannot park at the store will go elsewhere; and they take no account of local residents who will walk to the store.

* They say that independent stores will fail, but we feel local businesses will in fact flourish once more!

* “27 square miles of catchment is enormous” – not true. Do the maths, and you’ll find it is a small circle of just three miles radius!

The alternatives to Sainsbury’s just do not bear thinking about.

Residents of Dorridge – please get behind these plans and let’s get on with the rejuvenation of Dorridge and make it a place we can be proud of once more.

Bob & Sue Blakeman, Poplar Road, Dorridge


A real asset

I would like to say as a Dorridge resident for 15 years, I sincerely hope Sainsbury’s achieve planning consent at Forest Court Dorridge.

In my view it will be an asset to the area, the present site is such an eyesore .

Robert Haime, Knowle Wood Rd.


Please pass it

We wish to offer our support for the redevelopment of Forest Court.

We think at the moment that the centre of Dorridge is a disgrace and we feel that Sainsbury’s supermarket would revitalise the area and improve our Doctor’s Surgery too.

This improvement would enhance the whole village.

Please ensure that the plans are passed.

Jean & Graham Hames via e-mail


Speak up

In your paper dated October 20 you printed a letter from Hugh Montgomery who fired a shot over the bows of the good ship Sainsbury’s!

I just don’t get it Mr M - you shop in Knowle and I bet you drive there. And you have only lived here for a year. And Sainsburys are not planning to build on any of the green fields - but a derelict shopping precinct.

Come on you silent majority, speak up so Sainsburys can go full steam ahead!

Mrs Rosemary Zoro via e-mail.


Let’s not kill it

I am writing to pledge my support for the Sainsbury’s development of Forest Court in Dorridge.

As a Dorridge resident of some 40 years I have seen the rise and fall of Forest Court to it’s current dereliction.

I’ve studied the various reports, went to the initial planning meeting and tried to listen to all sides of the debate that have been put forward, but keep coming back to the same conclusion. I want to see the village regenerated and this is a fantastic opportunity to achieve it.

The add on benefits of other retail units, a restaurant/café, the expansion of the Doctors’ Surgery and the rejuvenation of Station Approach are other plus points that can’t be overlooked.

I believe that Dorridge, and Forest Court in particular, were designed to cope with traffic and we, the residents, have been flattered by the demise of the shopping centre. If it was running at full capacity as designed, then there would be a lot more traffic.

Dorridge deserves this chance of regeneration. Let’s not kill it permanently by turning down this once in a lifetime opportunity.

John Phillips, via e-mail


In favour

Please find attached my letter to Julia Sykes, Planning Dept of Solihull Council: “I write again in support of the revised planning application for a new Sainsbury’s store in Dorridge. As a local resident I’ve kept in relatively close contact to the development of design proposals and I believe these latest plans address all the pragmatic and realistic issues/ concerns.”

Simon Turner, Boningale Way, Dorridge


It’s a takeover

Having scrutinised Sainsbury’s plans for Dorridge, it appears that their follow-up application is even larger than the one refused planning permission in March 2010 for being ‘of excessive bulk and scale’.

We must not sit idly by and wait for a supermarket to take over our village, we must act now and ensure that Dorridge remains a pleasant place to live and is not engulfed by these mammoth plans which have no place in a village the size of Dorridge.

Concerned Dorridge resident


Roof only

Re: Sainsburys Dorridge: I have just finished reviewing the plans for Sainsburys development in Dorridge, and I am surprised to find that the overall retail development is 46 per cent bigger than their last application. No wonder the only place for the car park is on the roof!

Amanda Pemberton, Dorridge resident

(Sainsbury’s disputes the figure quoted by DROVS - Ed)


No support

I am writing to support the application by Sainsbury’s to redevelop Forest Court in Dorridge. I have recently visited the DROVS website and notice only 1,000 have signed up to their much vaunted ‘wall of support’.

Based on the population of Dorridge (circa 9,000 according to the recent boundary commission figures), that is just over 10 per cent who agree with them.

B Child, Woodchester Road, Dorridge


All would win

Dorridge Surgery Patients Participation Group are preparing to hand to the planning department the petition which patients have signed in support of the development which includes the expansion of the Surgery.

This will meet the needs of the growing elderly population in Dorridge.

The supermarket would enable more residents to be independent by coming into Dorridge either by public transport or car and for them to shop once instead of numerous times.

It would also bring much needed work to the area in many forms from the demolishing of Forest Court to building a new needed supermarket.

Lets get the development started.

Jenny via e-mail



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