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I suppose it is inevitable that HS2 protesters are resorting to exaggeration and misrepresentation (Letters).

I suppose it is inevitable that HS2 protesters are resorting to exaggeration and misrepresentation (Letters).

In expressing concern regarding the ‘Meriden Gap’ the protesters are surprisingly uninformed as to its whereabouts. It surrounds the village of Meriden and is therefore well to the east of the A452. As the HS2 route, in essence, closely parallels the A452, de facto it cannot affect the Meriden area.

The HS2 route throughout Warwickshire will be two track. A 4 track section will only occur north-west of Stonebridge Island for the interchange station. This new station (and yes its extensive car park), will actually be at Coleshill Heath next to Chelmsley Wood. Not as claimed, at Stonebridge and a long way outside the ‘Meriden Gap’.

Curiously one protester alleges trains will run every two minutes, yet another refers to 18 trains per hour. The planned reality is nine trains per hour.

Quite apart from the need for more route capacity the impending oil spike will unequivocally dictate a more extensive national high speed rail network.

Let me finish with the published fact that Eurostar have received no complaints of noise nuisance arising from the well established HS1 line in rural Kent.

‘Meriden Rambler’


Empty figures

IN a week that saw the government predictably state that it has half the population supporting HS2 I would like to share a recent experience.

I had cause to visit Coventry and decided to take the train. On the return journey I missed my connection. During the ensuing hours wait I saw two Pendolinos to Birmingham, one to Manchester and two local services, the last one I caught.

The Pendolinos to Birmingham had close to 50 per cent First Class carriages that were mainly empty. Of the passengers boarding, one used First Class the rest used Standard.

To me this does not support the Government’s usage predictions for 2017. A myth! If the First Class passenger represents the businessmen expected to use HS2 due to expected fare levels then how can the Government’s current claim hold water?

Peter Bray via e-mail


False claims

The money for the HS2 has to come from somewhere and the stark reality is it will come from other services.

I listened with amazement when Secretary of State for Transport Phil Hammond said that HS2 will give a 15,000 seat capacity an hour from Birmingham to London.

I would like to know how long the train will be that will be seating at least 5,000 people at a time.

We don’t need an HS2 that most of the people won’t be able to afford to travel on, and only cuts 20 minutes of the travelling time of a journey that only takes 70 minutes anyway.

We need investment in the railway in new traction, coaching stock and infrastructure not on HS2.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Rd, Yardley Wood



Regarding Josie Herbert’s letter (Solihull News, 25/2/11). Haven’t you noticed most governments are avaricious, this seems to be the order of the day, The problem seems to be that they are spineless.

Politicians in this country have created the mess and are picking on the most vulnerable in society to bale them out.

Our young people are being priced out of their education and our democratic rights are shrinking with the loss of jobs.

I don’t think there will be civil unrest in this country, but I can see your point. I feel sure that at least two of our politicians will go down in history as being like dictators.

Regarding Terry’s e-mail (Solihull News). Oh how boring! Another cyclist complaining zzzzzz.

Cycle lanes on the paths, I don’t think so - cyclists cause enough carnage on the roads as it is, we don’t want our young children, young mothers pushing buggies, or pensioners, having to dodge middle aged cyclists wobbling about all over the footpaths.

God bless you all

P Thomas, Baxters Rd, Shirley



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