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Get off your horse

I READ K J Bates letter - Lump in Road (July 16) and found it quite thought provoking.

I READ K J Bates letter - Lump in Road (July 16) and found it quite thought provoking. As a dog owner who always clears up after my pet.........or faces the possibility of being fined up to £1, is interesting that horse riders do not have to clean up their rather larger piles of mess.

Is this due do we think to some old “law” that deems horse droppings more acceptable than dog mess, or rather the size of the poop-a-scoop bags that it would need. Now there’s an idea for the all the redundant black bin liners Solihull Council are inevitably sitting upon now we have wheelie bins.

Michelle Cockerill via e-mail


All change on the buses

DO readers know that the 57, 57A bus is being withdrawn from this Saturday, July 24 and replaced by 957? The 957 will stop at all stops from Solihull via current 57 route to Sheldon, then operate limited stop to Birmingham via Small Heath bypass. It will operate every 15 minutes Monday - Saturday daytime, half hourly evenings and 20 minutes Sundays daytime. Great for getting to Birmingham quicker but did NEWM think about Solihull College students or Rover workers who now may have to get two buses?

Roger Cufflin via e-mail


Farewell Douglas

DOES anyone know what has happened to Douglas Butchers on Lincoln Road North? It has been closed for two weeks and appears to have been cleared out. Is this another small independent trader that has been hit by the supermarkets?

Michelle Hughes via e-mail


Put a stop in it

I FULLY support David Kings complaint about noisy rag & bone men. My wife is a paramedic and has to sleep during the day after coming off a 12 hour night shift. They will cruise the roads in Knowle for up to an hour (including Sundays) and she finds it difficult to sleep with the racket. Is there nothing we can do about this nuisance?

Brian McCarthy via e-mail



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