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Get real on EU

Why does Nikki Sinclaire (and others) keep asking for a referendum on membership of the EU - the latest attempt is trying to get a petition up to influence the Government.

Why does Nikki Sinclaire (and others) keep asking for a referendum on membership of the EU - the latest attempt is trying to get a petition up to influence the Government.

We had one in 1975, and it was an overall majority in favour of membership. It may have been 35 years ago, but I doubt that the answer would be any different now.

The other aspect, of course, is that if we did withdraw from Europe the fallout would make our current financial problems look like a teddy bears’ picnic!

Steve Hall, Via e-mail


Strange move

I AM rather puzzled by the statement regarding Councillor Slater stating he used his integrity to change parties. I think he must have a short memory isn’t the party he has joined the very same party that as put us all this mess?

Concerned Solihull resident


Change rules

IT’S time the rules were changed. If a candidate stands on any political party card, then that is what he should remain so long as he is in office. If he then changes his political allegience after being voted in, then he should resign his seat and stand again.

If Simon Slater had stood as a Labour candidate in Shirley West he would not have been elected. It is not a matter of principle or conscience. If it was then he would stand down and not support a party his electors clearly did not want.

H Black, Shirley


By election call

WITH regard to Simon Slater “crossing the floor” and joining the Labour Party. I hope that the requisite number of Shirley West electors get together, sign the necessary document and force a by-election themselves, so that the ward can decide whom they want to represent them on the council.

Rosemary Worsley,

Bronte Farm Road, Shirley


Ticket relief

I would like to say a big thank you to the parking ticket department of Solihull Council. They kindly let me off my parking fine which was given outside the home of a 90yr old lady that I take shopping once a week. Faith is restored in the ‘jobs worth’ culture.

Carol Irving, Solihull resident


False promises

THEY have built a school at the back of my property, St Anne’s School Bosworth Drive, Chelmsley Wood, I sent the project manager two letters about my concern of young people looking into my property from the north stairwell.

But to my disappointment they have not taken the action I requested, to put a plastic film on the circular window to obscure the view. In all the consultation meetings they assured us that there would not be any windows on the first floor facing the back of the properties in Pendrell Close. I feel cheated as they were not true to their word.

A Maley, via


All about power

I have been involved in education for the whole of my career but even so the recent debate in Solihull on academy status was a frightening eye-opener.

The speed with which these two schools reached the decision to apply for academy status was awesome; the lack of consultation, vouched for by parents and teachers, was most worrying. It appeared that there had been no opportunity at all for genuine discussion beyond a tiny clique of school governors.

It seems to me the main purpose is not educational, not to do with pupils’ wellbeing: there is no positive evidence that academies raise standards. The purpose is drastically to limit the role of local authorities and place significantly more power in the hands of one man, the Secretary of State for Education, Mr Gove.

David Curtis

Silhill Hall Road, Solihull



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