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Get tougher

CAN someone explain how it can be cheaper to get caught driving without tax and insurance and presumably MoT than to lawfully pay for these?

CAN someone explain how it can be cheaper to get caught driving without tax and insurance and presumably MoT than to lawfully pay for these?

Surely the fine should reflect the typical costs that would be incurred plus an additional financial penalty for breaking the law? The sooner the courts and the sentencing comes down heavily on these people the safer we will all be.

DW, Balsall Common


Bus to eternity

DAVID Irwin (Viewpoint) is right to be exasperated at the poor bus services from north Solihull to the town centre.

This causes a real problem for many. One student began a course at Solihull College, a five minute walk from his house in Smith’s Wood but the course was later switched to the Solihull campus, which was sometimes a 90-minute journey from Smith’s Wood to Chelmsley Wood and then a wait for the next bus to the town centre and walk to Blossomfield Road.

A three hour round trip is quite some commitment on a daily basis!

Borough wide support for this is needed if we are to persuade bus operators of the value of improving what’s on offer at the moment.

Alison Walters

Smith’s Wood Green Party


Full backing

I BELIEVE I should say something about the comments made by John Bramham about my Diagonal Lock Project (Letters).

Firstly may I thank John for his on going support and may I also thank the Secretary of State for the Environment Caroline Spelman for her rock solid support.

The backing of people like Caroline does more to move the project forward than the advisory group could hope to do without her commitment.

Just as a final point. I would like to point out to readers that the aforementioned support is not party politically based. I know that both Caroline and John are more than honest enough to support the Diagonal Lock Project because they believe in it.

Terry Fogarty, Diagonal Lock Project


It’s not free

IN response to T Jordan’s letter in the Solihull News I am both angry and baffled. The car park at Morrisons is not a free car park as such for anyone mean enough to occupy a parking space and deny access for a regular shopper.

People who use this supermarket on a regular basis, such as I do, and spending over £100 in two shops are becoming very frustrated to arrive only to find they then spend up to ten minutes going round and round waiting for a non-Morrisons shopper to vacate a space.

In my opinion Morrisons will lose regular patronage unless they come up with a much better, customer-kind plan.

G Wilkinson, Knowle


Bin chaos

can you tell me why the refuge collectors do not collect cardboard? I had a large item delivered in a box, I cut the box up into small portions and put it in the green bin provided for paper and cardboard. When I got up this morning the few papers were collected and the cardboard all thrown over my drive.

I will from now on put everything in my wheelie bin as obviously they do not care about the environment.

C Carr, An unhappy ratepayer


A star turn

MAY I thank the kind people of Solihull who showed their generosity during our recent tin shake in the town centre. I personally would like to give extra thanks to the people who used the Lode Lane car park who said they gave a little bit more than normal in an effort to stop me singing.

The total raised amounted to almost £700 and, as usual, we will put this to good causes within the borough.

Alan James

Solihull Lions Club



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