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I AM writing in response to the letters in last week’s edition about refuse collections.

I AM writing in response to the letters in last week’s edition about refuse collections.

The letters were complaining about our policy not to collect any extra waste that people have placed out in bags next to their bins, nor collect any bins that do not have a closed lid.

Residents in Solihull now receive kerbside collections for paper, card, plastic bottles, glass, tins and garden waste. This means that most of their household waste can be recycled and that there should be enough room in their wheelie bin with the lid closed for anything left over.

By not collecting any extra waste, we hope to encourage residents to make the most of their kerbside collections to recycle as much of their waste as possible. Anyone who leaves out extra waste is having it left behind and receives a tag asking them to put it back into their wheelie bin ready for their next collection or take it to Bickenhill Household Waste and Recycling Centre.

When our collection crews leave behind extra waste, they make a note of the address and schedule a return visit to make sure that it has been removed. Our officers are also visiting these addresses to offer help and advice on reducing waste. Households with five or more members and residents who have medical conditions which cause them to produce extra waste are entitled to apply for a larger bin.

We understand that it is possible for residents to have extra waste left next to their wheelie bins that isn’t theirs. If anyone has any concerns about this or any other aspect of their rubbish collection, then I would urge them to contact us on 0121 704 8000 so that we can help.

Councillor Tim Hodgson

Cabinet Member for Environment

Solihull Council


We’re thriving

I REFER to your article on page 21 of Solihull News dated June 11 2010 and headed ‘Great Facilities – just need players’.

I am sure it was an oversight but omitted from this article is the flourishing Blossomfield Bowls Club using arguably the best green in the Solihull/Birmingham area.

As was mentioned in the original coverage anyone interested in joining Blossomfield Club should contact Caron Ninnis on 0121 705 7432.

Peter Bristoll

chairman, Bowls Section

Blossomfield Club Ltd


Credit please!

TIME passes. About 40 years ago, as an enthusiastic teenager, a letter of mine was published in the Solihull News, in which I had the clever idea of making Mell Square, then several years old, into a traffic-free precinct. In those days, cars used to drive round and round and round looking for a parking space.

There came a swift rebuttal in your publication from some councillor or other who claimed that taking the traffic out of Mell Square would turn it into “a morgue of shuffling feet”.

I have long lost contact with Solihull (in those days I was a pupil at Tudor Grange). But it would be interesting to know how much of the central area of Solihull is now traffic-free and when they are going to erect a statue to me as the teenager with the good idea. The plaque should read: “Eric Dickens, traffic expert, later translator of Estonian literature.”

I am rather proud of my translation achievements, but not half as proud as being the initiator of a sane traffic policy for the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, with all the environmental ramifications thereof.

Eric Dickens (Junior), Uppsala, Sweden


Just axe it

NOW that the regional spatial strategy has been axed by the coalition Government, can we expect at least one quango to disappear soon?

The West Midlands Leaders’ Board was set up mainly to monitor new housing in the region and scrutinise the regional development agency, Advantage West Midlands (which itself may not have a future).

The Leaders’ Board is said to cost £2.3 million a year to run: employment of dozens of staff etc. One council leader - from Walsall - has described it as “absolute cobblers”, generating nothing of importance.

Solihull Council helps to finance the Board - will it continue to do so? Perhaps the new council leader, Ian Hedley, can tell us.

Peter Kennedy



Not Mr Fox

RESPONDING to your headlines ‘Warning as pet cat killed by fox’ I feel it very unlikely that a fox was the culprit here.

Although I do feel great sympathy for her as I too have a much loved pet, it is the case that foxes keep away, not only from people, but anything that wouldn’t be a soft target.

A fluffy bunny or helpless bird would be a soft target, but a territorial cat wouldn’t be - especially one who (the owner admits) likes a fight.

Also if a fox killed he would do so for food and would not just take away the head. I think the publicity over the alleged attacking of the babies is making people far more fearful of urban foxes than is really necessary.

They are far more afraid of us, than we are of them - with very good reason!

Yvonne Troth via e-mail


What a waste

GIVEN Government’s emphasis on efficiency savings in their attempt to cut the enormous deficit it has inherited it seems strange that the funding of the unaccountable and wasteful European Union has been excluded.

European funding is a huge black hole whose own accounts have not been signed off for years and there is now growing pressure from taxpayers themselves across Europe to hold the EU to proper account.

The growing support for groups calling for reform is something the new Government should take carefully into account to ensure its spending review is seen to be fair and equitable.

Trevor Eames

Solihull & Meriden Residents Association (SAMRA)



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