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How long do we residents of Shirley have to wait until our shopping centre is restored to health?

How long do we residents of Shirley have to wait until our shopping centre is restored to health?

For too long now Touchwood has attracted Shirley residents out of their native local centre to shop. Only recently a relative of mine visited from Scotland and wanted to ‘pop to the shops’, we had to drive into Solihull and pay to park because our local shopping centre is in dire straits, no good clothes shops, no trendy coffee shops, no cover from the elements and no social points like the bars and restaurants which are all in abundance in Touchwood. Not to mention that Touchwood being indoors and pedestrian friendly leaves Shirley begging for customers to cross the A34 to wander from shop to shop.

I noticed that recently that a Shirley Shopping centre planning application was back on the council agenda, I implore our council and residents to see sense and back this initiative and drive it through to a economical completion.

Peter Doyle

Shirley (Cranmore) Resident


Hear us

It’s refreshing to see a letter supporting the Parkgate development (Solihull News). P Abbott hit the nail on the head when he described the silent majority. As a life long resident, I have watched the steady decline of Shirley. That area of Shirley is run down; the former Powergen office is an eyesore; the TA ground is a bomb site. The minor amount of park land that will be used is well worth the price to rejuvenate this area. It’s time for the silent majority to raise their voice.

R Brawn, Shirley


Breaking eggs

I am writing in support of P Abbott (Letters) and against the vocal minority that are standing in the way of progress and the Parkgate development.

As a father of a young child it saddens me that as he grows up he will see a steady decline in Shirley as whatever seems to be proposed for the Parkgate site seems to be objected to.

Let’s be honest it would be better not to be another Supermarket and not to impact on the parkland but then you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and maybe allow a brighter future for the next generation.

L Hughes, Shirley


On your bike

MAY I point out to Mr Stokes (Letters) that the cyclists seen by him competing in a time trial were in fact insured and riding with police notification. Regarding his complaint about lighting, mid-August at 7pm no lighting was required.

The stretch of road he referred to is quite wide, straight and the riders were within the law.

I am sorry about his wife’s mishap when hitting the kerb whilst driving along the same stretch of road, however, how she can blame the damage on a cyclist escapes me.

I am afraid his other general comments regarding cyclists I regard as bigotry, not worthy of comment.

Ted Little

Shirley Road Club


Still dying

TWO weeks ago you ran a feature in which various representatives of the local so-called sexual health services in Solihull were triumphantly proclaiming their success in reducing the number of births to teenage mothers in line with the governments Teenage Pregnancy Strategy.

However, this reduction in babies born to teen mums was only achieved by an increase in the numbers having either a surgical or chemical abortion.

A baby begins its life at conception and the number of teenage conceptions in Solihull in line with every other region rises each year.

The fact that large numbers of these babies in the womb were destroyed surgically or through the chemical action of the pill, ‘morning after pill’, injection or intrauterine device hardly seems a cause for celebration.

James Caffery

Prospect Lane, Solihull


So thankful

MY husband aged 95 has recently spent five weeks on ward 8 (strokes) in Solihull Hospital. After being home five days he suffered a heart attack and this time back went to ward 17. I would like to thank most sincerely the staff on both wards. He couldn’t have been looked after better if we had been royalty.

Thank you Solihull Hospital, we have much to be grateful for.

Dorothy Gaston

Bentley Heath


Running on

Following last month’s article regarding Solihull’s parkrun at Brueton Park you may be interested to know that since the article in Solihull News, we have received a fantastic response from readers - with offers to help as volunteers as well as warm words of encouragement. Thanks to this help, the event management team at Brueton parkrun has successfully secured the survival of our free, weekly, timed, family-friendly 5km run. So a big thank you goes to Solihull News and your readers!

We’re at Brueton Park every Saturday and it’s a great social event too. After our 9am run we grab a coffee and have a chat at the Parkridge Centre. It’s like one big family and new faces join us every week!

Nick Bowler, event director

Brueton parkrun



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