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Give us the grit

REGARDING Councillor Ian Hedley’s letter in the Solihull News ‘Doing Our Best’.

REGARDING Councillor Ian Hedley’s letter in the Solihull News ‘Doing Our Best’. His comments about asking residents to keep the side roads clear by using grit in the bins provided, I ask what bins? Living in Charles Road where there is a very busy doctor’s surgery, a roundabout with Witherford Croft and the road is also used as a rat run we didn’t have any grit to use.

In bad weather the roundabout is like a skating rink. Until last year we always had a grit bin there - no one ever used it for “private” purposes.

One of my neighbours rang Solihull Council to ask why the bin had not been provided, as cars were skidding sideways and was told that the Highways Dept. had done a risk assessment in November and decided it was not a priority.

Is an ambulance car skidding around the island, hitting the curb and the driver losing control of the said car of no consequence? That was one of dozens of similar incidents. Before Councillor Hedley makes statements about residents gritting side roads I suggest he gets his facts right.

V Rice, Solihull


The real culprit

I READ Solihull Council Leader’s comments (December 31) with disbelief regarding the Government Grant. The Lib Dem decision to form a coalition with Labour locally – the Party that took our country into such massive debt – gives them no credit at all when it comes to managing finances.

As a result of Labour’s mismanagement, we are now paying £150 million every day in interest alone. It should be the Labour culprits that are hunted out, not today’s Government working hard to put the ‘great’ back in Great Britain.

Maggie Throup, Solihull resident


In a right mess

I read with interest the council leader’s piece in last week’s paper about the low Government Grant.

Why has this council now got seven cabinet members when in the past Council there were only six?

How much does the council have in its reserves?

Why did the council leader and his political party decide to set up a coalition with the very political party that got us into this mess?

Concerned Solihull Resident


Well said Phil

I’D like to comment on the excellent letter by Phil Kingzett in last week’s Solihull News. It was in response to the people who wrote claiming that the Parkgate rejection was some sort of victory to Shirley residents.

As a father of three young children, the letter summed up exactly what I and many other residents really feel about the decision.

I’m aware that some people are just resistant to any sort of change. I seem to recall similar objections when the Touchwood plans were first announced. The problem is that this vocal minority tend to shout the loudest and give the impression to some that they represent a majority.

I can also understand that a survey asking residents whether Shirley is in need of another supermarket, would perhaps get a majority answering ‘no’.

However, if the question being asked is whether Shirley residents would welcome a multi million pound investment that includes a new Asda store, create new jobs, regenerate Shirley etc. the answer would be a resounding ‘yes’.

The point being that the plans mean much more than just a new supermarket.

Admittedly it is sad to see the loss of any parkland, but this represents a tiny proportion and in my view is fully justified by what is being proposed.

Now, instead of getting these much needed improvements, the tax paying residents are in a ludicrous position of having to fund an appeal to justify not wanting them. I’m still hoping that common sense will prevail at the appeal.

Paul Abbott, Shirley



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