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Glad at Kite ban

I HAVE just picked up my Solihull News and read your article 'Bradley can't go to the ball'.

I HAVE just picked up my Solihull News and read your article 'Bradley can't go to the ball'.

I am the parent of two students who attend Light Hall School, one in Year 11 and one in Year 8. As a parent I regularly hear stories from my children about the Kite boys and the trouble they cause (the youngest son has already been expelled from Light Hall for his poor behaviour).

I'm sure I won't be the only parent who is glad that Bradley can't go to the ball. It would no doubt be another chance for him to cause trouble and misbehave. My child can now enjoy this event without worrying about the actions of this young man. I also imagine the teachers who have to police this event in their spare time are pleased.

They can now get on with celebrating with another successful year of students and not watching out for Bradley Kite.

Thankfully I had never had cause to speak with Mr Scutt, head teacher at Light Hall.

However, I have no doubt that he has the majority of the other students in mind when he excluded Bradley. I doubt the school would take a decision like this lightly. To me this strikes as yet another example of parents failing to take responsibility for their children's actions. Maybe Mr and Mrs Kite should think carefully about their parenting skills with one child expelled and another excluded from such an event, before throwing blame at everyone else.

My only complaint is that yet again the media gives page space to the thugs in our community, failing to show them up for what they really are. I hope you use a similar amount of page space showing all the well behaved children who can attend the ball.

Mr D Harwood, via e-mail



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