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Going places

I WAS quite dismayed to see on page 48 of the Solihull News June 18 a bland and misleading item on ‘More Trains’ at Shirley which reveals a lack of awareness and appreciation of the extent and improvement of the rail service.

I WAS quite dismayed to see on page 48 of the Solihull News June 18 a bland and misleading item on ‘More Trains’ at Shirley which reveals a lack of awareness and appreciation of the extent and improvement of the rail service.

Shirley has long enjoyed three trains per hour to and from Birmingham. The one that your item should refer to is the service to/from Stratford on Avon, which on Saturdays is now increased to two trains per hour.

The timetable gives details and not least reveals that the extra trains are now limited-stop to and from Stratford.

Our volunteers have been busy leafleting over 2,000 passengers with details of the extra trains and the revised Saturday timetable. Could you therefore please correct/clarify the More Trains story?

Alan Bevan

Morris Field Croft, Hall Green


Green box fears

I HAVE written to Solihull planning department concerning yet another ‘green box’ in the area. This time half way across the public footpath.

There are even more along the road and near the motorway bridge at Widney Manor.

Please contact the council 704 6574 if you are concerned also.

My suspicion is, it is another mobile phone transmitter in the making.

Marysa Ford

Woodbury Grove, Hillfield


What a waste

I UNDERSTAND that we will be charged for the replacement of damaged black and green waste collection boxes at £11 each.

I wrote to the head of department, waste collection, Solihull environment suggesting that the damage results from:

1) Rough handling of the boxes by the throw onto the floor treatment by the waste collector contractor resulting from the pressure of their contract.

2) Because the boxes are not made of a sufficiently resilient plastic capable of some rough handling.

I asked if we could purchase our own boxes for although they may not be the correct colour they would be cheaper and perhaps stronger.

To date I have not received a reply. Perhaps because this department is too busy thinking of new ways to move their responsibility for waste collection costs onto the shoulders of the overburdened rate payer!

Roger Sayer

Cropthorne Road, Shirley


Collection cheer

THE Knowle & Dorridge branch of the RNLI would like to thank all those who contributed so generously to their house to house collection.

£8,449 was raised this year against £8,081 last year.

There was an increase in the number of rescues during the year; 9,153 launches of lifeboats with 8,186 persons rescued, the beach lifeguards attended to 13,588 persons, overall lifeboat activities rescued 24,000 persons.

Thanks again to the residents of Knowle & Dorridge and the surrounding areas for their continued support. Thanks also to all the supporters who contributed their time to help in the house to house collections.

The RNLI will be represented at the popular Barston Fete on Bank Holiday Money, August 30 and also at Dorridge day on September 12. Come and visit our stall at these events.

RNLI branch, Knowle and Dorridge


A gate too far

WILL the inevitable scandal about the heart of Shirley redevelopment come to be know as Parkgategate?

Jon Rylance via e-mail


In whose interest

Regarding Kimberley/The waitrose Supermarket: Kimberley are proposing to build a Supermarket on a large area of prime land in Knowle village.

By what right does Solihull Council sell this valuable asset?

Just how much are Kimberley paying for this land? Is the land being sold freehold or leasehold?

More to the point, has this deal been independently assessed by an appropriate professional body as being in the best interest of Solihull Council Tax payers?

It has been said that Kimberley has got “a good deal” In other words that the terms of the sale are too generous to Kimberley. Would Solihull Council, in the interest of transparancy please publish all the details of this sale?

I think that under the Freedom of Information Act we do have a right to know.

Marion Squires via e-mail


Another rip off

I FULLY agree with the letter ‘Ripped Off,’ in last week’s Solihull News from a dissatisfied air traveller. I travel abroad frequently on business and I am amazed at the level of sheer profiteering that Birmingham Airport stoops to - it is basically legalised extortion.

Last year after numerous letters of complaint regarding the £1 charge for dropping off or picking up passengers, Paul Keyhoe, Birmingham Airports chief executive responded by telling everybody what a wonderful job they were doing in extremely difficult circumstances.

Why is it then that no other European airport that I have flown into has this ludicrous rip off charge, not even Glasgow which after the attempted terror attack was the catalyst for these charges!

Birmingham Airport is one of the most annoying airports to drive into, with a very badly planned parking system, ticket machines that seem to malfunction on a regular basis - on more than one occasion I have come across only one machine working either on entering or leaving the short stay car park causing queues and frayed tempers. Added to this on returning from a business trip last Friday morning we had a problem with the machine in the multi-storey car park where we had been sent as the long stay car park was full. On pressing the button for assistance nobody answered, I went off to try to find somebody, without any luck, I came back to the car, tried again still no answer. Eventually we got out after waiting 10-15 minutes.

The whole parking system is not fit for purpose. If Birmingham Airport put as much time and effort into planning, as they seem to do into their ‘lets see how much more money we can get out of the average traveller’ scheme, there would be nothing to complain about.

I would just like to remind Paul Keyhoe and his team that we as travellers are his customers, we also help pay their wages - don’t treat us with contempt.

Brian Moore




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