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Grandchild’s hope

NOT all teenagers drink, smoke and are vandals. Grandparents always idolise their grandchildren, here is proof it works the other way.

NOT all teenagers drink, smoke and are vandals. Grandparents always idolise their grandchildren, here is proof it works the other way.

My granddaughter’s form were asked to write a poem on something or someone they liked or loved.

My Nan

Bleep, bleep, bleep

The life support machine went bleep

My Nan’s lying there stone cold

Looking tired and terribly old

Midnight Struck

My Nan’s still not moving

I know she can do this for us

Looking at my beautiful Nan

I’m still her biggest fan

I know she can do this for us

I can remember walking to Morrisons with her

Helping to do her weekly shop

I can remember Christmas Day

She came round for Christmas dinner

We opened our prezzies, I can see her smile

When she smiles the whole room glows

The world wouldn’t be the same without her,

All we can do is wait.

Sitting in the Waiting room

Twiddling our thumbs

Watching the doctors go past

Not coming to us

Looking round at all the family

Seeing the sadness in their faces

I have hope for my Nan

The life support machine stopped

My Nan’s lying there wide awake

My Nan’s grinning and saying

She would love a piece of cake.

By Elle Underhill


Synchronised start

THE start times at Burman Nursery 8.45am, Haslucks Junior 8.50am and Burman Infant 9am. Children can be left in the Haslucks playground from 8.30am but they are unsupervised. Many carers are not comfortable to do this, especially those whose children are new to the school. Haslucks now finishes earlier at 3.15pm so that the children can walk home in daylight. They often come out at 3.20, but fortunately Burman does look after the younger children if their carer hasn’t arrived by 3.30.

It would not be possible for the start and finish times of these two schools to suit the individual circumstances of every family. Given that the vast majority of siblings attend both schools, they should link their times to suit one another.

Mr Fisher (Grandfather)


Doctor history help

I WOULD be interested if any readers have any photographs of the doctor’s house that stood on the corner of Westcote Close and Hobs Meadow. It was demolished about four years ago to make way for apartments. I can be contacted on 0121 743 6145.

Alan Sherriff

Apartment 4, Hobs Meadow


School bus worry

HAVING recently joined Light Hall School we envisaged our child happily travelling to and from school on the alleged Light Hall school bus service, No 863. It transpires that this is not a ‘school’ service and hence when both buses are full, which happens regularly, leaves some unfortunate children stranded at the bus stop. How can National Express justify abandoning vulnerable school children,

Worried Parent Shirley



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