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Greatest gift

I felt compelled to write to your letters page, in reply to C Darwin’s letter, 29th July issue.

I felt compelled to write to your letters page, in reply to C Darwin’s letter, 29th July issue.

Really Mr Darwin, it is very clear from your letter, and in your own words, that you really have a problem with religion.

Well it may interest you to know that we Christians also have a problem with “religion”. You see Mr um Darwin, we Christians have a faith, not a religion.

We believe in God the Almighty, Jesus Christ the Risen Lord. Yes Mr Darwin, ours is the only faith that has a God who is alive.

How do we know He is alive ? Simple. We have a personal relationship with Him. He answers our prayers. Furthermore Mr. Darwin, if you took the time, with an open mind, to seek Jesus for yourself. Read the Bible, you would realise that Our God does exist.

One day, probably sooner than you think, He is coming back.

I sincerely hope you will be ready. Ponder this Mr Darwin: Have you ever tried to give someone a gift which you know will be good for them?

How frustrating when they refuse to accept it. It leaves you wondering “what on earth is wrong with this person, that they don’t want a gift which will so benefit them?”

Well Mr. Darwin, this is how those who love Jesus feel. You said that you have no objection to people following a set of beliefs that are good for fellow humans.

So what then hinders you?

On behalf of P Thomas, Linda Brown and myself of course,

God Bless you all.

Joan Dennis via e-mail


All winners

Another school year ends and another stash of gifts for teachers from parents. Don’t get me wrong most teachers do an excellent job but with the Bribery Act coming into force on July 1 2011 is this practice still correct? Teachers could be putting themselves in compromising positions if they are not careful. How is this activity covered in Solihull Council’s bribery policy, assuming they have one?

Here is an idea and challenge for teachers and schools. To help parents and charities, at Christmas this year if parents want to buy a gift they instead put a cash donation in an unmarked envelope addressed to the school.

The money donated is then given to a charity chosen by the pupils each year.

Teachers will not be compromised, parents pay what they can afford and a charity benefits. A win/win/win situation!

Dave Fox, Widney Lane, Solihull



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