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Green revisited

I JUST wanted to congratulate you on your piece on Hall Green in the latest issue of 'Homeseeker' (Solihull News).

I JUST wanted to congratulate you on your piece on Hall Green in the latest issue of 'Homeseeker' (Solihull News).

Although I would not presume to be as famous as Tolkien, Hancock (born in Southam Road, where I live, though 'only' for 35 years) or Mansell, I do have my own claim to fame as (shedding all modesty) I am regarded by many (including Sir Patrick Moore and the late Arthur C Clarke) as the leading space artist in Britain, or even further afield; and certainly the longest-established now living -- 1954. I am also well known in the SF field and even have an asteroid named after me!

Your article is one of the best I have read, and is knowledgeable and generally accurate.

I was very active in the attempts to save Highfield House, and it is a pity that you have probably not heard of the Hall Green Preservation Group, which was set up to attempt to prevent this type of disaster befalling other properties locally, as you could perhaps have mentioned it.

It also led to a personal project: to obtain archive photographs of Hall Green and match them as closely as possible with photographs taken by myself in May this year.

The result is a 42-minute DVD: 'Hall Green: Then & Now', which has been acclaimed by such as Prof Carl Chinn and Michael Byrne, author of the book on Hall Green which you mention.

Indeed, Michael assisted me by the loan of a number of archive photos. And Hall Green Library now has 10 copies of the DVD for loan. It has photos from as far back as 1845, and includes a section on business premises and cafés etc from the 1950s and 60s, and a special section on Highfield House.

Because it contains copyright material I am not selling this commercially, but I will produce a copy for a contribution (£5) to production costs.

David A Hardy, via e-mail.



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