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Half the price

I REFER to the letter by K J Bates in last week’s Solihull News entitled ‘Watch the prices’.

I REFER to the letter by K J Bates in last week’s Solihull News entitled ‘Watch the prices’.

I purchased 225g of blueberries from Marks and Spencer on April 26 for £2.49 so was somewhat surprised to see the same product priced at £4.98 on May 28 – a 100 per cent increase. However, the £4.98 was crossed through and the product advertised ‘half price £2.49’.

As I felt this was a marketing ploy to sway customers into believing they were getting a fair deal when they were not, I contacted M&S retail customer services.

Despite five e-mails asking for an explanation, I have yet to receive a meaningful response.

H Ward via e-mail


Time to pay up

THE Dilnot Commission report on the future of funding of long-term care of the elderly will not bring fairness and simplicity into our care system that is now in crisis.

Introducing a higher threshhold of need before someone can access care will leave hundreds of thousands of vulnerable older people without any support in the community.

I would hope that our front bench of millionaires might realise that there is vast British wealth sitting in off-shore tax havens where people and companies decide to hide their gains from our tax authorities.

This avoided tax could help solve some of the funding of looking after the British elderly who have paid their dues all their lives

Josie Herbert - past chair -Solihull Pensioners Convention


A nice earner

REGARDING HS2 - it is not many weeks since HHAG were claiming HS2 noise levels would be 102dB now they have reduced their claim to 73dB (Solihull News June 24).

They omit to mention noise reduces 3db/6dB with distance doubling with nearest habitation to HS2 some 600m away at Diddington Lane noise levels will be below that of passing traffic 60/85dB precisely as I predicted.

As to HS2 affecting wildlife etc the last edition of BBC TV Country Tracks visited a new wildlife park right next to M6 in Lancashire where noise levels would be 85dB and above. When asked about this the park official said ‘.. wildlife quickly adjust to noise there is no problem’.

I attended all exhibitions from Kenilworth to Lichfield and listened to HS2/public discussions and at all times found HS2 staff well mannered and accommodating even when faced with angry objectors.

Where does Mr S T Vaughan get his data from (Letters) – Wikepedia refers to 18 miles long Chinese Mag Lev. So using his figures that’s £50m per mile and that was track costs only and at Chinese wage/land costs/consultation rates.

Maglev like hovercraft is a niche transport mode. China continues to develop high-speed rail services along HS2 lines. No country as yet is pursuing MagLev to any great extent. Too expensive, safety issues etc.

HS2 is proven technology and will take the UK well into the next century and Solihull will be one of greatest beneficiaries.

Along with thousands of new jobs and access to London places such as Balsall Common, Berkswell, Hampton in Arden, Chelmsley Wood, Dorridge and Knowle will all see marked appreciation in property values. So those thinking of moving should think again your sitting on a nice little earner far enough away not to be affected close enough to benefit.

H T Harvey B91


Don’t pay it

We too recently visited Cornwall on a family holiday and encountered the same problem parking (Letters).

We pulled into Fistral Beach car park in Newquay to have a quick look at the sea and when we arrived home we found a parking invoice on our doorstep for £90 from Parking Eye (the same people who now monitor Morrisons car parks).

After a lot of research we found that these are a request for payment and not an actual parking ticket.

We visited the Martin Lewis Money expert website and they advise you don’t pay. These people prey on the honest and vulnerable and most people just pay up.

After visiting many websites it seems that even the locals are fed up with it as they advise covering your number plate up before entry!

Clare Williams via


Tree alert

Further to my previous letter, Solihull council have now informed me that the horse chestnut tree removed from Conker Lane had suffered from bleeding canker and as such they had no alternative but to fell. I would obviously endorse actions where there is no alternative.

It was also stated that they anticipated further felling in the next few years. They also are scheduling a replacement Lime tree to be planted.

It therefore begs the question why has this not been communicated to the residents? Could not the council have been more open about its activities.

If trees across Solihull are now vulnerable to this disease should not a proactive response be under taken now?

We should be identifying and most importantly replanting native species in anticipation of the devastation possible in the near future.

Peter Jones via


Fat chance

IT is now well over six weeks since I contacted Lorely Burt to seek her views with respect to her opinion on paying GP’s a bonus for telling patients they are too fat.

As my MP has failed to contact me to offer her views I am beginning to conclude that I need to take my cause to help block this NHS initiative to the people of Solihull.

The residents I talk to find it a ludicrous idea and feel it is a waste of tax payers money and generally feel people need to take responsibility for their weight loss.

Steve Miller via e-mail



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