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A healthier approach to weight loss

Solihull NHS Care Trust’s Size Wise programme will start again in July.

Solihull NHS Care Trust’s Size Wise programme will start again in July.

The aim is to help people lose weight and keep it off by making healthy lifestyle and diet changes in a fun, supportive environment.

Weight Management Dietitian Lizzie Brown said: “Although fad diets can seem like the miracle option to shed those extra pounds, the difficult bit can come when trying to keep the weight off and not become a yo-yo dieter.

“The Size Wise groups are a move away from restrictive, monotonous diets and focus on making changes that suit you. They also provide an opportunity to gradually increase activity levels.”

In each of the 12 weeks there is a session on healthy eating and a 30 or 45 minute beginners exercise class. As well as learning about what makes up a balanced diet, there are topics such as how to read food labels and how to choose appropriate portion sizes.

There are also sessions on how to deal with the common challenges faced when trying to eat healthily and ideas of how to fit physical activity into our busy lives. A registered dietitian or trained dietetic assistant delivers the healthy eating sessions.

The next 12 week courses are:

* Monday, July 5, 12.45pm ‘Pink’s fitness for ladies’, Shirley (females only) including a 30 minute ladies gym-based exercise class.

* Tuesday, July 6, 1.30pm North Solihull Sports Centre,

* Thursday, July 8, 11.30am Tudor Grange Sports Centre,

* Thursday, July 8 5.30pm Crabtree Hall, Chelmsley Wood

For further information visit or call 0800 015 3265 and ask for Angie or Deborah.



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