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Help Relate to save marriages

These difficult economic times put great strains on families and relationships as well as finances.

These difficult economic times put great strains on families and relationships as well as finances.

Constant financial worry is really debilitating in every sense. Couples’ relationships suffer and their children in turn suffer from the friction they can feel between mum and dad.

This vicious circle can turn into an increase in alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence, depression for adults and for the children poor concentration at school and behaviour problems.

It’s at times like these that charities like Relate come into their own. I visited Relate in its poky little premises on the edge of Malvern Park this week, to see how they were coping.

As you might expect, they were experiencing a marked increase in demand for their services, which they were unable to fulfil because they have only one counselling room. They could easily fill a small suite of offices, but without a serious budget for premises they can only meet a small proportion of the demand.

So if you know of anyone with a building that could offer them accommodation for free or a peppercorn rent (I don’t ask much do I!) they could make the expansion that couples, families and young people need in Solihull to help them with a raft of different problems.

And Relate can really help. At the end of counselling, 90% of their clients said they felt they understood their problem better and felt more able to deal with it, and over 90% of clients with children with a behaviour problem said that Relate counselling had had a positive effect on their children’s behaviour.

If your relationship is going through a tough time and you would like professional and confidential help, you can call Relate on 0121 643 1638 or go online at You’ll be taking the first step towards making things better for yourself, your partner and your children.



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Multimedia Journalist
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