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HOW sad my Tory friend Councillor Mike Robinson is suffering a severe attack of Sour Grapes (Letters June 11) as they have - after too many years - lost control of Solihull Council.

HOW sad my Tory friend Councillor Mike Robinson is suffering a severe attack of Sour Grapes (Letters June 11) as they have - after too many years - lost control of Solihull Council.

Already the new broom is showing signs of greater openness; a fresh look at a more moderate Shirley development, plus progressive reviews of recycling and waste disposal.

Mike claims 100 per cent credit for his party for north regeneration - forgetting this was a shared project, made possible for us because under rated former deputy PM John Prescott MP relaxed the rules for our then only two star authority tolaunch an arms length management organisation through Solihull Community Housing. Lets hope in future Mike will try being equally fair minded.

Under Tories, Solihull Council Housing reduced from 21,000 to approximately 9,000 leaving the remainder as most difficult/expensive to renovate and 10,000 on waiting list.

Only recently have Labour and Liberals persuaded them social rented and affordable half rent/half mortgage properties are desperately needed.

Now the Tory dominated government will probably make the problem even worse.

Don Bargery

Alston Road


Path problem

I WALK an old cinder path many times per week from School Lane to Union Road, and I cannot understand why Solihull Council authorised it to be used as a cycle and pedestrians route combined. They could not have walked it when cyclists give no warning of being behind you ie bells not apparently considered necessary these days instead they weave in and out of pedestrians.

Surely a dividing line could be marked for cyclists, hospital side of the patch and pedestrians Solihull school side, leaving people feeling safer, instead of being met with nasty remarks if you complain.

Having spoken to many people regarding this problem, they have agreed with me especially when walking their children.

To add to the complaint the fair weather cyclists will no doubt be out, in the coming summer weeks ahead adding to the problem.

Mrs J Western, Solihull


Road hazard

I WOULD like to draw Solihull Council’s attention to the condition of Fulford Hall Road from Norton Lane to Rumbush Lane.

It has so many potholes you have to pick your way along it. Unless something is done quickly the council will be receiving a claim for broken car suspensions or more seriously an accident.

Ostensibly this is a country lane (how I wish it was) in effect it carries a high volume of traffic.

It has been known for a gang of workmen to fill the cavities with tarmac. No doubt this is recorded as job done. This is not a long term solution and we soon are back to square one.

Please, do something to alleviate this hazard long term.

John Kane

Fulford Hall Road



Child’s play

I WRITE in response to the ridiculous comment on the letters page by Ross Crawford along with a couple of other letters from misguided individuals.

It’s really quite a simple principle to grasp that most of our household rubbish can easily be recycled with very little effort and there is no need to fill the wheelie bin or add extra bags.

We all have a moral obligation to reduce the rubbish we produce and recycle as much as we can.

The previous Tory council in Solihull were appallingly slow at giving residents kerbside recycling and providing wheelie bins.

Thankfully we can finally catch up and even achieve a progressive service.

It is hard to believe that some people can overfill a wheelie bin only six days from it being emptied and then complain that their excessive waste hasn’t been removed.

Maybe my five year old can come and help them.

Name and address withheld


Just too big

THE view that the proposed Knowle Waitrose Supermarket is simply too big for the location is a commonly held perception of many Knowle residents.

Solid evidence to support this common view has emerged after a trawl through the planning documents.

The current proposed large structure is for over 2,600sq metres.

Yet in 2003 Waitrose were happy to devise a plan for a structure over 1,600 sq metres on the same site.

One has to ask why they now feel the need for an additional 1,000 sq metres.

The unfortunate obvious answer is to maximise the sales potential.

This will be to the detriment to the overall quality of our village.

Jeff Potts Councillor Knowle Ward



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