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'He's our very own miracle!'

WHEN baby Warwick was born 11 weeks premature, his family were convinced he was going to die.

WHEN baby Warwick was born 11 weeks premature, his family were convinced he was going to die.

The infant had a bleed on the brain, heart problems and spent three weeks in intensive care - the prognosis was horrific. But the little boy has beaten incredible odds and next week he will celebrate his first birthday.

Mum Leigh Dumighan, from Meriden, and husband David had been told that if her son did survive he would have no quality of life.

“We made the decision to take him out of the incubator and withdraw treatment so we could give him the cuddles and kisses every baby needs and deserves without all the wires and pain,” she said.

“We were given a private room to say ‘goodbye’ and told to get him baptised as quickly as possible. We did so and stayed in that room waiting for him to die for eight days. There were several times when he stopped breathing and his face went a shade of blue and we thought ‘this is it’.”

But Warwick survived and his parents decided to take him home - at the time he weighed just 3lb. Although he has been diagnosed with cerebal palsy, he is not blind nor deaf and has escaped many of the other problems predicted 12 months ago.

“The amazing thing is Warwick survived all by himself,” said Leigh. “He was tiny and had all the odds stacked against him but he did it without any medication.”

Today Leigh is involved with Bliss (a charity for premature babies) and also has strong feelings about proposals to cut maternity services at Solihull Hospital.

“I wanted to go to Solihull but had to go to Heartlands because of the complications. It was scary going to somewhere I didn’t know and I wouldn’t want any other mother to go through that.”

* You can sign the petition to save maternity services at Solihull Hospital at the Solihull News, 150 High Street, Solihull.



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