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High flyer

I LOVED reading the article on Tom Lackey’s latest wing walk on his birthday; he really is an amazing guy.

I LOVED reading the article on Tom Lackey’s latest wing walk on his birthday; he really is an amazing guy.

The thing that gets me though, and I know it’s sour grapes on my part but I have always wanted to wing walk and so has my friend Michele, who has done all sorts of things to raise money for charities, but when we ring airfields about it we get told they won’t do it for people raising money, now that seems to me like double standards, or as I say, is it just sour grapes.

It’s my 65th this year - what a thrill to celebrate with a wing walk, awesome.

Andrea Smith

Kendrick Close, Solihull


Charity fear

HAVE your donations gone to the right charity? We placed a well filled bag of clothing in front of our house for a charity of our choice.

Around the scheduled time for collection I was pleased to see that the bag had gone. Later I was disturbed to see a van, clearly marked as from the charity we chose, slowly driving along our road obviously looking for donated bags.

Along with local stories of items being misappropriated (sorry, stolen) from the fronts of houses, our own experience leads us to suggest that the frequent tours around our homes by unidentified vans needs to be controlled.

John Hart, Knowle


An eyesore

THIS week we have had notices left on our black bins stating that over filled bins or anything left by the bin will not be collected. That is fine but have the powers that be never noticed that there are some people out there who:

a) put rubbish outside a house that is not theirs and no-one knows who they are as it is usually done at dead of night.

b) Will just leave the bin or rubbish out on the pavement indefinitely. Loose rubbish will eventually get strewn everywhere, not always by people, there are foxes and cats around, at night particularly.

Yes, there can be fines imposed but surely the ‘crime’ has to be reported to someone first, so who will want to spend their money keep phoning up to report deserted bins etc.

So won’t Solihull be an eyesore.

J Elms, Shirley


Use your eyes

THE letter from CC of Knowle (We won’t be back) printed in last week’s edition cannot be allowed to stand without reply.

I work at one of the businesses in the retail park and would regularly use what can only be described as the overflow car park for Toys R Us.

Parking up one morning to begin an early shift I managed to see the signs quite clearly and therefore parked elsewhere.

When was this? December 2008, 5am, pitch dark and foggy. There are at least four signs in this area that can accommodate, at most, 30 vehicles, surely an adequate sign:vehicle ratio and if Mrs CC was unable to see these signs maybe her husband should be contacting Specsavers rather than the local papers.

David McNeill Reith

Stanton Road, Shirley


Spidery cheer

MY grandson James and I were travelling back from Birmingham on Saturday, May 29.

Disaster - we left his Spider man back pack on the 12.20 train to Dorridge. Disaster averted - a kind gentleman (Spider man fan?) noticed abandoned bag and kindly handed it in at Olton station. We would both like to thank him very much.

Jo and James Bowen via e-mail


Go greener

IT IS a delight to congratulate the Ramada Hotel on their ‘Green Award’. As well as winning this they assist and support with some of the community groups and their activities.

It would be good to hear what they had to do to win this award, and looking forward to seeing them at the ‘Go Green’ event in Mel Square on July 10.

It would be the icing on the cake for Solihull if they would use fair trade coffee and tea to support Solihull’s bid for Fair Trade status! It is always encouraging when a corporate organisation can meet local conditions. Well done Ramada

Carol Linfield

Friends of the Earth


First class

THANK you to all the wonderful staff at Solihull Hospital ward 15 For the first class treatment and care I received when having my recent replacement hip operation. You were fantastic. Best wishes to you all.

Patricia McEneany, via e-mail


Dance call

I wondered if anyone could advise me if there are any Over 60’s ballroom dance groups in the Solihull area and, if so, advise if new members are welcome and contact details.

Clive, Solihull



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