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Holy Grail may be in Solihull, local historian claims

The Holy Grail could be in Solihull, an amateur historian has claimed

The Holy Grail could be in Solihull, an amateur historian has claimed.

David Baker has named the field, behind the Clock Garage, off Coventry Road, Bickenhill, as a possible settlement camp for the Knights of Templar.

The Templars, who fought as Christian soldiers in the Crusades, are believed to have been in possession of the ‘cup of the carpenter’ before they were wiped out by French king Philip IV of France.

“It’s a great mystery what happened to the Templars,” Mr Baker, of Marston Green, said. “They were widely rumoured to have been in the possession of the Holy Grail.

“You never know, perhaps the Holy Grail is there.”

For hundreds of years, people have searched for the Grail to no avail but Mr Baker said the site was at risk of being wiped out before it was ever investigated as the area was earmarked for expansion by Birmingham Airport.

“The airport commissioned a desk-bound survey by the Oxford Archaeology company which basically means they never got off their backsides,” said the historian. “In their reports, they make reference to a feature in the landscape, visible from aerial photography taken many years earlier, a rectangular structure which has extraordinary rounded ends.

“The Romans sometimes did that with their fortresses but it would have been too small for a Roman fort. But it would make sense for a Hospitallers or Templar settlement. The Templars had a big presence in nearby Temple Balsall.

“But Birmingham Airport have simply dismissed it.”

However, Laurence Ince of Solihull Local History Circle has strongly refuted the claims, saying: “Of course the Templars had a big preceptory at Balsall (Temple Balsall) so I see no need for a camp in the vicinity.

“Both the Hospitallers and Templars were rich orders and I do not see any need for them to have a camp in the area. They organised their activities around their large centres or manor houses. So it is highly unlikely.”



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