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iPad – get more for your money

APPLE’S latest big announcement has got the industry buzzing.

APPLE’S latest big announcement has got the industry buzzing.

Suddenly, a lot of people want to get their hands on the new iPad, when it ships in a couple of months.

That has much to do with their previous ground-breaking success with the iPod and the iPhone. Both of which redefined their market when they came out, with breakthrough features, and ease of use that other manufacturers rushed to copy.

This time, Apple claims it is filling a void in the market with its innovation, delivering a so called ‘third device’ that sits between a laptop and a phone. What is not clear is whether they see us going about our business carrying an iPad, as well as the laptop and phone in future, or whether it can replace both, and become something we can work on, and make calls with, while on the move.

Certainly, with lightweight portability, wireless internet connectivity, a touch screen keyboard, the iWork package for doing documents and presentations, Ebook reading and games playing capabilities, it will be a versatile package to take on the road. It will have a built-in microphone for internet routed phone calls, but no camera for video calls.

It should kill the Ebook reader market immediately. Why get an Amazon Kindle when you can buy an iPad, and get so much more for your money?

Perhaps the most telling thing is that industry pundits have been united in but one massive criticism of the iPad. They hate the name. They think it is crass. But, if that is its big problem, the product itself may well be a good ‘un!



Cathrina Hulse
Multimedia Journalist
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Multimedia Journalist
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