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THE suggestion of youth centre closures reported in the Solihull News appears to have originated from a confidential paper on a review carried out for last year’s Labour/Liberal administration.

THE suggestion of youth centre closures reported in the Solihull News appears to have originated from a confidential paper on a review carried out for last year’s Labour/Liberal administration. This matter has not been discussed by the Conservative group and we have no policy of closing youth facilities.

Previous reviews were undertaken in an open and transparent way by the Youth Service Advisory Group in conjunction with young people but regrettably it appears that Councillor Jamieson and his colleagues abolished this body.

A particularly concerning aspect of the article is that it relates to a confidential discussion paper so the release of any content by a councillor contravenes the Local Government Code of Conduct.

It would seem to have been deliberately disclosed in an attempt to distress staff and worry young people in Smith’s Wood and Knowle and such a serious and irresponsible breach of trust calls for the resignation of the councillor or councillors concerned.

Councillor Ken Meeson, leader, Solihull MBC


Messy streets

I AM writing to vent my frustrations over the state or our streets in Shirley.

I often walk with my children to school or use my bike to cycle into Shirley and cannot help but notice how much dog muck and broken glass seems to litter many of the local streets.

I’m not sure if the glass gets scattered from when the bin men empty the recycling but there does seem to be a lot about. As for the dog muck - it’s everywhere!

There are either lots of ignorant dog owners or too many strays?

A local resident


Soulless Solihull

LORELY Burt MP declares that there must be more protection for smaller retailers faced with extinction because of competition from the all- powerful supermarkets (Solihull News).

How does she propose to achieve this? If Mrs Burt thinks the Coalition Government’s planning reforms will do it, she should think again.

Shirley residents can look forward to a fully cloned high street when Asda joins the other supermarkets already trading there and the remaining independent traders disappear.

Look at what has happened in Solihull town centre. It used to have a diversity of small and larger shops offering all all kinds of goods, with a high degree of personal service to shoppers.

Now it is a soulless supermarket and department store-dominated commercial ghetto, without one independent butcher, fishmonger or greengrocer.

Several other types of shops usually run by small operators, and which you would normally expect to find in a town the size of Solihull - such as a pet shop - are also missing.

Why? Soaring business rates, together with high rents levied by landlords like Norwich Union, have much to do with what has happened; outgoing traders have told me as much.

So, if Mrs Burt can do anything to change things, and encourage independents to return to Solihull, I would be most impressed.

Peter Kennedy, Hampton-in-Arden


Answers needed

IN response to the letter from K Macdonald I totally agree. However it is not good enough that we as residents of Shirley have not been informed as to which outlets are to be signed up to the Parkgate complex.

I would like to know when this is going to happen and when the building is going to begin. I read that there is going to be another Pound shop opening in Shirley. Why? Why can there be no variety on Shirley High Street why must it be only charity shops and fast food outlets?

I would really like to purchase items from the High Street instead of going into Solihull but this is not possible.

I think we have waited long enough to be informed about what is going on and deserve some prompt answers and responses from those driving this scheme.

Name and address supplied


Beyond the law

IN reply to the anonymous Dorridge parent who suggested using the car park of St George and St Theresa’s Church, I can quite understand why the church decided to withdraw this facility.

Many years ago parents were permitted to use the car park whilst delivering/collecting their children from school on the understanding that a donation be given to pay for the maintenance of the car park.

About 10 years ago I believe the total donated by parents amounted to just £1. No wonder this privilege was withdrawn!

The proposed parking restrictions on Station Road are long overdue and I am sure have nothing whatsoever to do with the Sainsbury’s application.

The inconsiderate parking of many parents have caused the local authority to take this action. It is an actual offence to park on the pavement but those who do obviously consider themselves beyond the law.

Pam Huntley, Dorridge


Credit please

IT was good to read your article in IT Talk this week about British cheese week but I was upset not to see the company I work for mentioned, Fowlers Dairies.

It is the oldest cheese maker in Britain and has been making cheese in Earlswood since 1918, and before that in Derby where they perfected Little Derby and Sage Derby.

I now work for the 14th generation of Fowlers and they are still using the recipe’s handed down to make their award winning cheese, why not visit our web site and find out more!!

Sue Bagnall via e-mail


Cost of living

YOU know, it’s amazing what you get on the internet, apart from the sore neck and eyes that is.

I picked up this snippet in the last few days which left me shouting at the monitor in useless rage.

It was claimed that Heart of England NHS Trust spends £1.25 million each year on what was termed ‘spin’, which I suppose means telling us what good guys they are.

That works out at about £3,400 every day! Now you can see why I was screaming at the monitor, especially when I see elderly folk walking around Solihull in urgent need of new hip joints.

Who I wonder, signs off these staggering amounts of money when the good and the great are telling us that times are tough and we must tighten our belts?

Alan Frankcom via e-mail


Missing beauty

ON reading the article relating to Elmdon Heath Community Centre still going strong 60 years on I was most disappointed to see that the League of Health and Beauty now called the Fitness League was not amongst the regular activities listed.

I joined the league in September 1964, 47 years ago and I believe we are the longest at the centre.

My first teacher was Meg Devonshire, who celebrated her 99th birthday in August and is still living in Solihull.

I just wish more research had been done before this went to print.

We meet on Tuesday mornings at 9.45pm new and old members will always be made most welcome.

Sylvia Collins via e-mail

(The information was supplied to us by the centre itself - Editor)


Keeping active

AS two sisters we would like to say a big thank you to Solihull Active with regard to their National Older Peoples Day event that was recently held in Mell Square, Solihull town centre.

We had a lovely day, and wish there could be more like it.

Anita and Pat, Milford Drive, Solihull


Digi disaster

WELL once again we’ve been taken to the cleaners, digital TV was going to be the best thing since sliced bread, but all I’ve had is a bill for a digi box, a new aerial, and a very dodgy reception, and everyone I’ve asked is getting the same problems as me - pictures freezing, picture breakdown, pixel mix and generally a very annoying time trying to watch my TV.

And why? Because the government decided to flog off the analogue transmission and con us with a system they haven’t got right.

ST Vaughan, Glastonbury Road, Yardley Wood



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